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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Diet Diary Day 8 and 9


I haven't been feeling good these past few days and I think I am getting burnt out with my routine. I really have to file that leave ASAP.
I also haven't been working out a lot since my mom asked me to wait till I get a little better. Ugh I hate getting sick! Don't you? I felt bloated and seriously want to throw up every other second when I cough.And I don't have the appetite to eat my meals a lot, I have to force myself to eat.

I wasn't able to stick to my diet though for today since I haven't eaten any rice and veggies yet. As for last night I was able to eat all my meals. I just wish I can eat in peace today since I'm feeling a little better now. My toothache has been bothering me for 2 days now, with lack of sleep I tend to be cranky. 

Thought of the day: 

Losing weight is not just a process one person takes but also those around him.

Food Intake for Day 8
- Grilled honey and lime Chicken
-1/2 rice
- vegetable salad

- 1/2 orange

- 1 cup rice
- vegetable salad
- grilled chicken
- apple 

-1/2 orange

- 1 cup rice 
- vegetable salad
- grilled tilapia

Day 9: 

- Grilled Chicken

- Protein Bar 

I haven't eaten lunch yet but I'll be having honey grilled chicken, salad, rice and an apple. 

I love to eat apples, I just hope I can eat without feeling pain from my tooth. For dinner, I'll be eating whole wheat bread and half an orange. 

That's it for my blogpost today. 

I am terribly sorry if this post is a little boring, this maybe due to me not feeling okay so my perkiness is not with me. Please send me your prayers for my fast recovery. I really want to dance again to continue my weight loss. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Jes Roque said... [Reply]

Get well soon, babe! :)

Anyways, don't forget to insert a physical activity on your diet. It will ensure that your body is still healthy despite the diet. :) Try jogging, proven to be effective!

Hazel said... [Reply]

goodluck with losing weight! I'm trying to lose weight myself by going to the gym! :)

DeBi said... [Reply]

get well soon deary.

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Jes -- Will do that for sure when I get a little better ^^,

@ Hazel -- Thanks! I wanna sign up for a gym membership too but my budget wont allow it

@ DeBi -- Thanks po.. I'm actually feeling a little better now..

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