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Monday, January 16, 2012

Diet Diary Day 5-7 + First Consultation for the weight loss challenge

My Diet Planner

Ola! Sorry haven't been making posts lately about the diet diary. I said I was supposed to but my schedule did not permit me. 

I have been huffing and coughing like crazy this week and I came to the conclusion that my lungs has phlegm and lots of it, gross I know. Maybe its because of the weather. I don't know yet but I think have a towel behind me while doing my exercises will do me good. 

As per physical exercise, I have been doing the usual walks and runs via treadmill. I will start doing some zumba by tomorrow so there will be variety. I actually wanna try swimming again but I need a buddy for this one since I don't want to be alone when working out.

As per food intake, I was actually eating much less than the one recommended to me according to my nutritionist-dietician last Saturday. As she had calculated I only ate approximately 950 calories per day during my first week which is not good. Think of it as a suicide since I was not eating much protein on my diet. I was actually shocked because I didn't thought it was bad.

This is Ning! :)
Luckily she taught me how to do calorie counting and how to know the specific serving sizes for fruits, veggies and meat. I was able to learn a lot and I was with Jap and Ning who are both part of the weightloss program.

Guess what my Nutritionist-Dietician told me how much I have to lose? almost 90lbs in 8 months! OMFG. She also told me that is the safer way to go than starving my self to slim down because I will just gain the weight back much faster but if I starve myself. I didn't know this will be hard but since I have promised myself a better me this year I will just keep doing it. :)

I am actually researching for some meat based dishes I can cook so I'll be able to eat that instead of an all veggie diet.

Dieting has become harder for me now since I can now feel full that easily and my metabolism is a little fast now.

My mom has been supporting me more now since I am dead serious about it. She actually asked me what she can buy for me to cook. I was able to tell her maybe chicken breasts will be good for now. I'll try to buy some turkey for next time.

Any suggestions on low fat meat recipes?

Let me know on the comment box and I will definitely try it out ^^,

Much Love!

-- Alice


calin lin said... [Reply]

You can try Fish too! My mom dropped a lot of weight since she started her diet last September. She lost around 18 lbs now. :) Good Luck on your goal!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ calin -- I wish I can but the fish we have at home is for the cats or my uncle would fry them :( really? wow :) thanks :)

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