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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diet Diary Day 16 - A day of Agony :(

This blogpost is actually a time log style. Let me know if this confuses you hehe!

2:30pm (First meal of the day)
As I am making this blog post I seriously want to hang myself upside down. 

I seriously hate myself when I wake up late and have to be in a hurry. I really do. I don't want to be late at any occasion because I think my time is really precious so I have to make the most of it. 

Why am I saying this on my Diet Diary?

well that is because when I am late I forget to prepare my meal thus me forced to buy fast food. 

I have now develop a hatred for fast food. It just makes me so bad after eating one. 

FYI I just ate a cheese burger. It tasted great if you ask me, but the feeling after I ate it wasn't good. I don't want to be late anymore. I don't want to buy fast food anymore. 

I will have to do an intense work out later when I get home.

4:30pm (second meal of the day)

Just ate an apple this time. I am still not feeling good with what I ate earlier. Cheese burgers are supposed to make you feel a little better right? But how come I am feeling so miserable now?

My goodness! I don't like this! argh!!

Thankfully I was able to bring something healthy to eat. Luckily I have 2 apples I keep in my bag in case I get hungry. Hooray for emergency kits! haha!

6:15pm (third meal of the day)

So far so good I'm not dozing off. I think I have gotten used to not eating that much food everyday. I usually tend to be cranky or moody or even sleepy when I don't have food in my system.

For my third meal, I'm having a slice of bread and some corned tuna. I won't be eating fruit in this meal since I'm saving that for my fifth meal.

8:27pm (fourth meal of the day)

It seems I have been eating every 2 hours but that is usually my free time at work. Still not feeling drowsy which is good. I need all the energy I can for my students.

I actually had one student that was actually dozing off while he was reading. I know it sounds funny but I feel bad for the kid. That student of mine is actually one of my smartest and I have already told him to change the schedule of our classes so that he can have all the rest that he wants before our class, but he would just say I'm okay teacher don't worry.

Well I actually ate the rest of the corned tuna and the other slice of bread I had earlier and I felt full after wards.

Should I try eating tuna instead of chicken? hmmmm... I'll think about that.

10:12pm (last post before heading home)

I haven't eaten yet. my next meal is at around 10:30pm or so. I'm thinking of buying some food and eating it on my way home. Should I buy some hongkong style noodles or KFC? agh! getting hungry at this time is not good. not good at all! T_T

I think I should buy some corned tuna again. I think that's a much easier choice don't you think?

oh well!

That is my food blog for today.

I think this blog post confused you a bit since I have actually talked like I was in agony of the first thing I ate today. I just feel bad about it. I still feel the guilt that I've let down myself again. And I think I have a solution for it! I'll just do another extra 15 minutes doing my Zumba work out later. I usually do 30 minutes of Zumba workout so only for today I will go for 45 minutes.

Wish me luck!

Much Love!

-- Alice


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