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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diet Diary Day 10

That's all I'm eating...


Still not feeling good but definitely much better than last night. I really wanted to punch the wall because I can't talk like my normal self which is so weird. 

So for today I wasn't able to eat any rice. I was able to eat 2 whole wheat bread which is so nice since I felt weird going back to eating rice. 

Eating veggies and fruits all day kinda felt nice. For some reason I have detested white rice. I really do. I have hated it now even though I loved adding rice to almost every meal I eat before. 

Oh rice, why do you have to be so bad to my weight? Okay weird meter on high now LOL 

I still can't use the treadmill at home. My mom forbid me to do any strenuous work out. :( I wanna run on my treadmill! Its been 3 days already! :( 
I have been taking medicines for a while now and I am feeling better but I was forbid advised to work out and let my body rest for a bit, shall we say 3 more days? Nooooooooo!!! 

I have tried working out today at work. Mostly it would require me to focus on my abdominal area.

Imagine this: Me doing some crunches while listening to my students read the lesson via phone? Weird? NAH! That is what you call MULTI TASKING! LOL 

I'm glad to be back...well a little bit, I really need to keep up with my medicine so I can get back to working out by Monday. 

I swear I will make my abs flatter by the time we have our company outing! haha! Good luck to that! 

Much Love! 

--- Alice 


Chriselle Sy said... [Reply]

Amazing commitment to your weight loss goals! You inspire me. :)


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Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Chrissy -- Thanks Chrissy! :) I really try to stick to my diet thankfully I am able to stick to it ^^.

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