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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Gifts Haul

Ola! I'm back with a new post  for the New Year and this is my Christmas gifts haul!

I wasn't able to post this earlier since I have been very busy with work and everything else. But I promise to update this more often! :) 

I was really not expecting that much gifts this year but I was surprised since I got a lot of items. I would just like to thank everyone that gave me these cool items and I really appreciate every single gift may it be small or big. 

Now lets start with the first item which is my Hello Kitty Planner! 

I got this as part of the exchange gift and the person that gave this to me was actually the person that picked me last year. Coincidence perhaps but I was really thankful when she gave me this. I was really hoping she'd buy me the Belle De Jour planner but nonetheless I am happy because this is Hello Kitty! I uberly love this! I also got a pink stuffed toy with this gift from blue magic. 

Next is the lipstick that I bought from Avon. Yes I bought a gift for myself. Its weird but I actually got this as a freebie. This color is really rosy. The one that I bought though is the new perfume of Avon called little red dress. I simply love this scent and will try it out soon. 

Next is a shirt that my brother bought me. I don't have a picture of it though. This was originally the gift he got me but I asked him if he could buy me what I was really aiming for. And this is why I sent him a copy of my wishlist but STILL he wouldn't do it! LOL. 

I also got 1,000 php gift certificate from speedo which I actually gave to my brother. I was supposed to buy something from Speedo but I just gave him the GC since he asked for it. I love my brother and I wasn't able to give him anything for Christmas. 

Other things I got for Christmas is Myra E Vita Glow tinted moisturizer, Revlon Lipstick in Everything in Wine and of course a new camera! haha!

I'll do another post about the new camera since this is so precious to me! haha! I do hope you liked reading this blogpost for today. I will be making more soon so watch out! ^^. 

Much Love! 


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