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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Products that sucked...well kinda...

These are just some of the items that did not make the cut. I sound weird saying that but its true. These products either did not do their job well, broke me out, or just simply led me in limbo with the results. 

Don't think that I am bad mouthing these companies because I have used their other products and it worked for me so these just didn't make the cut and I am terribly sorry if I'll be a little harsh in this blog post. 

Lets start with the clinique city block. I've actually read good reviews about this product. I got this as a gift from Shen's clinique party as far as I remembered but then after using it just made me break out. At first I was in denial because its clinique. But this really let me down. It broke me out several times that I just had to stop using it. 

Next is Avon naturals witch hazel cleanser. I think this was the very first review / rant I did on my youtube channel. I was not fond of this one because I know for a fact that witch hazel can help you mattifying the face, but after using this it just broke me out. I was pissed because I was not satisfied. 

Another Avon product that I was not satisfied is their big eye pencil. This also put me in limbo in terms of how to use it. I was just not satisfied with the pigmentation. I was just not happy with it. 

Next is Sophie Paris's Acne Gel. When I bought this one I was really hoping for the best since it can dry up my pores. This product did not dry up my breakouts but just sat on top of the breakout. 

And lastly is the Nichido True Colors Foundation. I just can't say anything from this one before since I just thought its because of the weather or on how I apply it, but even my friend who is a free lance make up artist gave up on this one! even if you use a little it will look like you slathered on some grease on your face. 

Okay so I am done mini ranting on this critters now you ask where they are now? 

Some of them I have given them away to individuals that would like to try them out for themselves. The others I have hidden other my other piles of unused make while some have met Mr. Garbage man already. 

Naiinis lang talaga ako since I spent a lot of time making effort to make it work but then wala! bokya! bano! hay naku! nakakainis lang talaga! 

Sometimes I just need to speak out my mind since I bought every single item listed here, well besides from the nichido and clinique products everything else is from my own blood-sweat-and-twisted tongue hard earned cash. I really hope 2012 and new products that I will try out won't be a bitch for me because I really want my skin to be back to the way it was and I am willing to search for a cure for it. 

Sorry melodramatic mode again... oh well that is what you call sleep deprivation haha! 

Gotta go! thanks for reading this blog post! 

Tell me the worst product you've tried and what happened to you? 

Much Love! 

-- ALice 


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