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Sunday, December 11, 2011

World Bazaar Experience + Haul

Ola ladies! 

Yesterday I was able to attend the World Bazaar at the world trade center and I just have to tell you that it was awesome! :D 

It was really crowded though but I had fun because I was with my friend Michelle since she wanted to do some Christmas shopping. By all honestly I stuck by my rule that if I find anything interesting I would definitely buy it! I did buy some items but I'll tell you more about it at the latter part of this blog post. 

To be honest, within comparison of the World bazaar to the Noel bazaar, World bazaar has more of the fashion stalls while Noel bazaar has more of the make up and skin care. I was trying to look for make up stores I can buy from. There was one on the World bazaar but they were selling fake MAC make up which is a definite no-no for me since I'll be giving it to my cousin.

And it was really crowded yesterday in the World bazaar, there were a couple of incidents that people behind me were pushing me, and since I have a big built I just have to restrain the force since the one in front of me is my best friend. It was like you are in Divisoria that has an air conditioning unit LOL.  

If you saw the picture above those were some booties I saw which were freakin' 600 pesos a pair! I was shocked since I can buy those at the mall for half the price! And you call this a bazaar?!?! LOL 

Then at the bazaar, I remembered that Diane and Paul of Nautreal have a stall there and asked me if I could drop by. I was actually surprised since they gave me a soap from their products. It was really nice of them and you should check their website out. Click here to visit their website.

After the bazaar, My friend Michelle, me and her dad went to Mall of Asia to check out if there are some sales there. When we got there I was floored with all the sales. I wanna buy something but I only have limited money with me!! T_T

I do have a credit card but I don't want to use it and I didn't bought it with me. Good thinking Alice! LOL

Michelle actually went shopping some more while I just looked for some gift ideas. I know it was lame of me not to buy anything but what do you expect if you only have one thousand pesos? LOL 

We also ate at Pho Hoa which is a Vietnamese restaurant. I'll tell you more about it on my food and travel blog. ^^, 

Now let's go to the items I got from the World Bazaar. 

I first got the animal print glasses for 80 pesos since I need a new pair. My lady gaga inspired sunglasses freak people out sometime I dunno why though haha! Then I got the clear one for 100 pesos at another store since I need it when I use the computer. I don't wanna go blind before I'm 30 because I have been in front of the computer so much. Then I got the soap from Nautreal. I'll be trying them out soon I will just have to finish my other face products first ^^, 

I really had fun checking out the sales within the Metro, I think I should do this more often but I think I have to save up for it! haha! 

By the way I am giving away my Noel Bazaar tickets. They are still good for the PICC forum tent and also the World trade center dates. E-mail me if anyone would like the tickets ^^

Which sales/bazaars have you visited?

Tell me on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon!

Much Love! 


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