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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Series: My Favorite Youtuber/blogger - MaricarlJanah

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Okay so before the year ends I would just like to add one more to my favorite people in the Youtube and also blogosphere, There's actually a lot more of them but I'll add them up one by one starting next year (wag atat bakla! LOL)

So for today it is MaricarlJanah! ^^,

I first saw her on youtube when she posted a video response last October 2010 of the things I should buy. That video was just posted on a whim since I can't decide and Janah really surprised me because she suggested a couple of items that are great investment. As far as I remember it was mostly Dollface Cosmetic products.

Then since then I became one of her followers...and of course online friend :)

One cool thing I found out about her is we are in the same industry - Online Teaching! ^^,

I am really amazed that she can manage to at least upload a couple of videos a week and still maintain her day job - talk about multitasking! :D

I also like that she uses local products and is very eager to receive suggestions of products she can review.

I was fortunate enough to meet her with Noe, Teena, and Pearl a couple of months back when I won their free spot for the Doll Face Cosmetics seminar. 

That was the photo we had together at the event. If you have read my previous blog post about this event you may have known what I did there. I wasn't able to add there that when I arrived at the event, Janah was the first one to notice me and I was shocked because she remembered me!

I admit that my face is really not that ordinary-looking but if a person that you have just seen on camera or on youtube, they may look different in person but I was surprised with how Janah welcomed me. It was like we were long lost friends or something haha!

Janah specialized in celebrity inspired looks and of course product reviews. She is also affiliated with Doll Face Cosmetics. If you want to know more about her follow her on her website

Much Love!

-- Alice


Itin Bique Calvo said... [Reply]

Judy of It's Judy Time is my favorite makeup channel on youtube. She's a very bubbly Pinay living in AMerica with over 100k subscribers. Love her Loreal vs Maybelline BB Cream review!

Alice said... [Reply]

@Itin Bique Calvo I love Judy too! I love watching her vLogs a lot especially that she has baby Julianna ^^, Thanks for dropping by! :)

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