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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Products Good for Dry Skin

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Sorry I have not been updating my blog for like 2 days since I have been terribly busy with work and of course our upcoming Christmas party this Saturday. Its so stressful thinking what to wear and also what look to do on that day. But any who it’s a process that I have delicately tackling since I am not the most fashionable one haha! But enough about that lets talk about dry skin care and also some tips in at least alleviating the dryness of our skin.

As promised this is the post for good products to use when you have dry skin. 

When you have dry skin it tends to be more sensitive than other skin types. With this skin type its kinda hard to maintain especially when you are under the sun a lot. Most people get dry skin due to expose our self to colder weather, using the wrong products and basically harsh environment. Here are some tips I can give you to lessen the dryness in your face.

Cleanser and Make up remover.

With cleansers it is a must that it is moisturizing since your skin need it more. I suggest go for cleansers that has Vitamin E or Glycerin to properly cleanse your skin and also hydrate it. With removing make up, I suggest go for cleansing oils or cleansing milk since it can remove all your make up and also moisturize your skin. You can also go for oil based make up remover if you don't like cleansing oils.

Toner and Moisturizer.

Dry skinned girls are actually advised not to use toner since it will dry your skin more. Toner has alcohol which is known to dry our skin if you use it too much.

With moisturizers, this is actually very important since you would be needing lots of this for your skin. I suggest you use oil based moisturizers. And remember to always moisturize so your make up would also look good and stay longer.


I heard that dry skin individuals don't need to exfoliate that often unlike oily skin since there is not a lot of build up in your skin when it is dry. I suggest you exfoliate once or twice a week.


Since dry skin also tends to be sensitive, sunscreen is really important to protect your skin from the sun and other harsh pollutants. Another thing you need to remember is to have at least an SPF of 15.

The only tip I can give to dry skin girls is to always remember to hydrate yourself, drink more water as much as you can so your skin can be hydrated and be healthy. Also don’t forget to visit your dermatologist to see if the products that you are using are really good for you.  

That's it for today's blog. I hope you liked this post for today. If you want more just comment below for your requests ^^,

Much Love!

-- Alice


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