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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mo Twister and Rhian Issue from my perspective

photo courtesy of Yahoo Philippines
This Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos issue had gone haywire since Friday, December 2 2011. 

It all started when a youtuber by the name of PrettyJenny55 posted this video on Youtube on December 1. 

The video basically says that Mo was in Singapore when the video was shot and he was talking to himself because he could not fathom the thought of having his child aborted. And during this time it was said that Rhian was his rumored girlfriend at the time. 
I know Mo Twister personally since I did a thesis about his show a couple of years ago. And to my personal thoughts on this situation, I think that it might be true. I am not a hater of Rhian Ramos, mind I tell you I like her too but I think in this situation it puts her also in a very sensitive spot to the public eye.
In both sides, I know they are hurt. Mo is hurt for the loss of his child, thus the reason he made this video. Rhian is hurt too because of the scandal it would make of her and her family. I have sympathy on both parties since neither one of them knew that this would happen. 

I don't think Mo would do this just to get back at Rhian. The only problem I think in this situation is that someone who is not related to both parties just made things worst.

Whoever PrettyJenny55 is you should at least understand that video was not intended to be broadcasted over the world wide web. If Mo wanted to tell all those things he would've said it ages ago since he has a podcast and several shows. 

It seems that I am defending Mo, but I truly am not. Who would be in their right mind allow their so-called girlfriend go through an abortion if he wants the child to live? what ever the situation is it is just wrong. An innocent life is at loss now and I think a prayer shall be offered to that little angel. 
To Mo and Rhian. I know that there is only one person beside from you two that knows the whole story and that is God. I do hope that in the end of this situation both of you will find the peace of mind for something that had gone totally wrong. 


mary mary quite contrary said... [Reply]

im having a hard time trying to believe an inch of what she said. she's trying to pose as a victim of a vicious monster and like that of a battered wife. her stories may be plausible but it's all too scripted for my taste.

Photoescape said... [Reply]

I agree. It seems too scripted and she is just trying to get more sympathy, Honestly it doesn't work for me. I believe Mo more since you can see he has been strained with the guilt. Even the best actor can't do that. just sayin'

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