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Friday, December 16, 2011

K-pop Friday's: T-ara's Cry Cry

Ola girls! 
I know I wasn't able to post anything last Friday and I am really really sorry about that. Its just that I have been very busy that day. But aside from that, I have a new post for you! :) 
Aside from my original playlist of Pinoy alternative and rock, I grew up in the 90's so songs from that era never seem to go away I also incorporate Kpop into my playlist. Currently I have been hooked into this song of T-ara called 'cry cry'.

I was first entranced with the intro which is like a choir and orchestra then followed with some techno beats.The beat this song has a little of everything for me.  I was actually impressed since I like the mix and its something that would really get stuck in my head for quite some time. 

After some research and what not I was able to know that this song has 2 versions, the ballad and the dance one. I like both if you ask me since the rhythm are both memorable. 

The MV or music video of this song also comes in 2 versions. First one is a movie-like starring Jiyeon, Cha Seung won, and Qri. In this video, Ji yeon is a protege of Cha Seung won in underworld dealing. What I mean by that is catching the bad guys the dirty way. I actually liked watching the video of this song, it's very dark and gothic in a way which is different from the usual cute bubble pop image T-ara portrayed in their other songs. 

This kinda reminds me of their other song "I go crazy because of you" because of the outfit and the change of aura. The 2nd video however is more like a dance version which is also entertaining, but its kinda plain for me. I like it but it missed the X-factor for me.

I  suggest you have to watch it for you to know what I'm talking about. Here are some of the official concept shots from the music video and the song.

Much Love! 
-- Alice


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