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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's my brother's birthday! :D

This is my brother. And today is his birthday yipee! haha! 

This is my eldest brother and his name is Alan. This is my brother who loves me soooo much! I can't tell you how sweet and lovable this guy is! And he is the dad of my niece and my nephew that I mention a lot in this blog. See where they get the cuteness? haha! 

We actually act more like friends than brother and sister which is kinda rare nowadays :D 

I actually told him my gift for him is milk for the kids. But of course I was just kidding, I will just buy him something special next week ^^, 

Every time his birthday comes I actually don't have any gift for him and I feel really bad so I'll make it up to him this year. I'll buy him something for his work ^^, 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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