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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feeling Sick and Sluggish...PMS sucks I tell you!

Hey Hey! 

Today had been I think one of the sluggish days of my life. If you compare me to my cats you might say I have fully adapted to their habit of sleeping for almost 20 hours everyday haha! 

I have totally been sleeping/napping this whole day. I just woke up and watched television OR played with cats and dogs. I guess this is happening to me because 1. its been raining all day and 2. I am PMS-ing. Feeling sluggish before I get or during my period is pretty normal for me, I just hate that it had to happen on a rainy day because I can't jog or walk on a rainy day. 

As far as I remember I have not posted day 24 and 25 of my make up challenge. Really sorry girls I have been feeling as if my body is giving up on me this December, I guess I have to suit up because even if I have a curvy body that doesn't mean I'm healthy through and through. 

Will definitely post those two later. 

Much love! 

-- Alice 


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