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Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite scents and perfumes


This is my post regarding the scents that I have used and I am loving. I actually have a lot more since I received some gifts last week but of course I don't use them immediately.

I am no expert in perfumes so don't think that this is a review of a sort :D

Like U from Tupperware Brands

Has floral oriental scent as its description. I really like this one because it has a mature feel in it. I don't know but sometimes my mood changes whenever I use this one. I usually use this spray when I visit my dad or when I go to church.

Simply Because from Avon

This product has Lychee, vanilla and another scent that I forgot. I'm not that good with scents to be honest but I really like this one. Its smells a bit spicy sometimes when you use too much. And this perfume makes me feel that I am on a date or I am in love for some reason haha! I do like the packaging since it is in pink :D

Victoria Secret in Secret Charm

This one I have been using a lot because I love Victoria Secret! I cannot explain how I am so hooked with their colognes. They smell so nice and it really alters my mood when I use this. This one has Honeysuckle, Gala Apple, Stephanotis.

Pink Grapefruit from Bath and Body works

This is actually my summer spray. I really like the scent of this one since it reminds me a lot of summer. This has more of a sweet citrus scent. It has pink grapefruit, sweet Valencia orange, clementine, white wood and soft musk. A must try if you have a very upbeat personality, don't over spray though it might over empower the user with this one.

Japanese Cherry Blossom by bath and body works

Like the first one from Tupperware brands, this product also has a mature scent but still gives me more of my personality. That is how I usually choose my colognes and perfumes. I choose it with the emotion I have on my mind. If it matches the emotion or the feeling I have I will definitely buy it.

Those are my favorite scents. I will do an update on this one maybe after a couple of months if my taste changes.

Tell me your fave scents on the comment box I'd love to know them! :D

Much Love!

-- Alice


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