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Monday, December 5, 2011

30 day make up challenge day 26: do you wear make up everyday?

I can't believe it that I have only 3 posts to go before I finish this series. 

So on with our Day 26: Do I wear make up everyday?

hmmm...I try to wear make up whenever I feel like it haha!. If you look on the picture that has the Snoopy T-shirt, that's actually me wearing make up while the other one has no make up on. 

I usually wear make up when its not too hot outside so my make up won't melt. I usually leave the house for work around lunch time so its really humid outside at that time.

Usually I would just wear concealer, setting powder, lipstick and blush. I wear less product as usual so my skin can still breath. There would be days that I just don't wear any make up and I am not afraid to let people see my no make up face. I actually still look good even without make up. That is what you call CONFIDENCE! LOL 

But I honestly believe that wearing make up everyday is kinda intense for me so I keep it at a minimum when I go out. Most of the time I would just apply lipstick for that pop of color. ^^, 

I only apply full on make up on occasions that I really have to wear make up like parties and also events and of course my birthday *which is in January ^0^* 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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