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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ways to lessen acne or breakouts

( The picture of the left is when I have break outs while the right side is my break out free side.)

I was not blessed with perfect skin although a lot of people would say I do have perfect skin. Its all hard work I tell you. 

I have been having this battle with breakouts ever since I was in High school and I will tell it to you that it was not a good thing for me. I had to refuse being photographed because of the break out. I was still bubbly and outgoing but in terms of pictures you would never guess I had a slight phobia with have my face photographed. 

Back then I had acne on my cheeks and chin area. It was not as severe as you think. They are not huge cyctic types, they are more of the red bumps that really hurt. Thankfully my mom was able to buy me the neutrogena bar soap which is like a holy grail to me. Too bad that they had discontinued making those. :(

Nowadays my breakouts would mostly be on my chin area and they would actually fade away after 2 days because of my Sophie Paris foaming facial wash. But I have also practiced ways to lessen it, so far so good I haven’t experience a major break out. 

Here are some of the things I do to lessen my break outs.

1.       Don't try anything without thorough research.

I’ve had a bad experience with the Avon witch hazel cleanser that I just bought out of a whim. Nowadays I’ve done my research not just by looking at reviews but also asking a dermatologist if they do work. My mom actually has a friend who is a dermatologist which I regularly visit so I can ask her about medical terms.
Another thing you can do is simply read the ingredients section.  Just by reading the label you will be able to know if it is bad for you. For example is Silicon and triclosan, most people are actually allergic with these compositions since it can clog your pores or dry your skin out.

2.       Get lots of sleep and h2o

This one would benefit not only your skin but your health too.  Drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of water can help you cleanse your system and also hydrate you. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day would help you replenish your health and make you more energized all throughout the day. Sleeping right and drinking lots of water will help you more in clearing up those red bumps.

3.       Don't share and sleep with thy make up. 

 This one is very important since if you sleep with your make up on it will definitely clog your pores. Sharing it with your friends or to anyone would also transfer bacteria that can also lead to break outs. Rule of thumb is not share your make up especially those that are in a tub form. Although it sounds rude it will help you and your friend in the long run.  

4.       Keep your hands and hair away from the face. 

I noticed when I was younger I would always let my hair be on my face so maybe that’s why my acne was kinda bad back then since I let my hair just fall on my face if you know what I mean. Nowadays what I do is just keep my hair in a bun or just tie it in a low ponytail. There are only certain occasions I keep my hair down. 

Keeping my hands off my face is something that I do almost everyday. Like I would touch my chin when I’m bored or just feel my chin with my hands. I know its bad but I can’t help it! I will definitely need to stop that mannerism of mine for the sake of my face haha! 

5.       Keep hair products away from your face.

Some hair products are actually not good for your face so its best that you don’t let the suds of the shampoo  go in your face. I've heard that some substances that are found in shampoos can actually dry your skin.

I do hope you learned something and please comment below if you have other tips to share.

Talk to you soon!

Much Love!



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