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Friday, November 11, 2011

A very special gift to me! :)

Last November 4, when I came home from work I was surprised by my mom with a gift. 

She bought me a phone and an apad! haha! 

I know the phone is showing signs that it is not brand new, and really its not brand new. I just appreciated the thought since I didn't asked for it nor was I telling her that I'm planning to buy some in the future. She gave me a motorola v3x phone which I really like! :) My very first phone was actually a motorola phone and I think motorola is much more durable than other phone units, don't you think? ^^,

The a-pad was also not new and my brother had to reformat it since its firmware is really outdated. 

A-pad is the Chinese version of the I-pad, this one though is powered by android. As of the moment, I only use my A-pad when I am bored at home. I mostly use it for games because It doesn't have a micro SD memory card so I have to buy it maybe later this month. 
You wanna know why they bought me this? Its because I've just celebrated my first year in being an online English teacher! I was really not expecting gifts or even a celebration because its just like any other day if you ask me ^^.

here are my pictures with my 2 gadgets sorry for the low quality of the pictures though ^^,

Have you also been surprised with a gift before? 

Tell me your story on the comment box! I would love to read all about it! :) 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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