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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An unexpected message

click the picture to see it clearer

I usually don't receive messages from my students since some of them are really young. What I mean by young is 6 years old or younger, so whenever I get a message from any of my students I treasure it because they took the time to tell me something as simple as a hello would make me smile. 

This message is from Mimi which is one of my new students. If you want to know what she said you can click on the picture above to see a clearer picture. 

Basically she is saying that learning English with me is very interesting and she is also thanking me for the compliments and encouragement I give her. 

I usually encourage my students more to excel in class since they would also gain a lot in the long run. 

As far as I remember, Mimi is only 15 years old but the way she talks is kinda formal which most Koreans do talk that way. But that's okay all that matters is that she enjoys our class and she is looking forward to our class tomorrow. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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