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Friday, November 11, 2011

Products I need to finish up till January


If you have seen my video about the project 10 pan this is the blog version of it. 

As of the moment I have at least 4 foundations that are 

 - 4 foundation: 1 stick, 2 liquid, and 1 powder.
- 1 concealer
- 2 eyeshadow sticks
- 6 lipsticks
- 1 lipbalm
-1 blush

These are all the products that I have not used for like 6 months. 

I feel so bad because I am letting them expire without using them so I've decided to use these instead of my new products for a change. I have until January to finish them so this is gonna be tough if you ask me. 

I am actually finishing off my foundations more since I wanna purchase BB creams for next year.Finishing my foundations are quite easy since I need some cover up for my acne scars :( 

In terms of the concealer, I am very much using this everyday when I go to work. I also use this as a primer for my eyes when I apply eye shadows.


In all of the products that I have to finish I think the 3 easiest products I can finish is the lipsticks, blush and foundation. 

Its fairly easy since these are the ones that I use everyday. If you notice on the picture of the lippies above they are mostly halfway through so I guess I'll be done with these earlier than expected. Currently I have been using Pink Flame from Ever Bilena. I am just finishing it off before I move on to the next one. 
Wish me luck with this one! I really hope I can finish all of this in time to buy myself a good BB cream for my birthday *January* haha! 

See you on the next post! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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