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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Products good for oily skin

There are several products in the market that are said to be “good for oily skin” some of them do live up to what they claim for, but some just disappointed me to the core.

Sorry I had been listening to rap songs recently so things that I say usually rhyme LOL. 

I am making this article to give you at least the basics of what you need if you have oily skin. Don’t worry if you are not oily skin I will make a separate blog post for that. 

I am particularly adventurous with products since most of them do work and there is like at least 1% chance of a failure. There are several things I think before I purchase something

 Is it worth it?

Will it help me?

How much is it? 

Will it work? 

Mostly around those four questions would be my basis. If majority is a yes then I’ma buy it. I also read reviews from bloggers that I subscribe, and most of their reviews are positive so I think I can give it a try.
Here are some basics for your skin care. 

1.       Cleanser.

I would actually opt for a foaming cleanser since it will dry out your skin a little to reduce oiliness. One thing though you have to remember is that if you are getting acne treatments this will make your skin super dry so I suggest you use cleansing oils or bars. 

2.       Toner.

Toners are used to take off make up residue that may still be on our skin. This product can also reduce oiliness on our face. But this is within your preference since  dermatologist don’t really refer this to oily skinned individuals. If you feel okay after using a toner that is great, but if you feel there is tightness and like a weird feeling afterwards I suggest you keep it away.

3.       Moisturizers

Some dermatologist I know would not recommend moisturizing since it can clog your pores, but some do because moisturizing is basically sealing in the moisture in your skin. If choosing a moisturizer go for oil-free ones since they won’t clog your pores. 


4.       Exfoliation.

This step is actually important since oily skin tends to pick more dirt than other skin types so this is very important. My recommendation in exfoliating is every other day but if your are comfortable doing it everyday I suggest you have to be more careful since over exfoliating can lead to irritation. I actually exfoliate every day but its more of like a gentle scrub with my facial towel.

In exfoliating, you have to be gentle in scrubbing your face even your body because some parts of our face and body are more sensitive that others like our necks and the skin around our eyes. 


5.       Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important since it will help up prevent signs of aging like dark spots and also wrinkles so apply some sunscreen before you head out. The preferred SPF (Sun Protection Factor) for daily use is 15.

Since we are done with skin care lets go to make up shall we?

With make up its basically the same as everyone. One main thing though you need to have is primer. Primer can actually keep you shine free 80% of the time if you ask me. Primer can also help you keep your make up on longer, but don’t expect it to stay all day when you are under the sun believe me.

1.       Foundation

My skin works actually with some liquid foundations and cream foundations but I won’t recommend this if you have moderate to severe acne since it can clog your pores due to the oil. Opt for powder foundations. 

2.       Blush

For blush, you can go with gel and powder kinds since they last a long time.  I wouldn’t recommend some cream blushes since some of them would fade or slide off really fast.

3.       Eyeshadow

Like foundation, I suggest you use a primer before using eyeshadow for a more pigmented look for your lids and also for your eyeshadow to last longer. If you have oily lids you can skip this one.

So that is basically that is some tips I can give on make up and skin care for oily skin.

I’ll try to do some research for dry skin and also the combination ones for next time. ^^,

If you do have other questions or suggestions on this blog don’t hesitate to email me.
Promise I don’t bite ok? Haha!

Much love!


Apple said... [Reply]

love this post,thanks for sharing your idea!

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