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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Product Review: Sophie Paris Perfect Skin Acne Gel

I have not been posting beauty-related posts and I am terribly sorry about it ladies (and gentlemen). So now I am back with a new review post for you all! :)

As all of you girls may know I have problems with acne and I have been trying out products to lessen the pimples I get from stress, pollution and also hormones (Damn PMS). 

I haven't actually tried any acne gel so this is the first time I will be trying this out. 

The packaging of this acne gel is not like the ones I see often which would be those that look like their fungal treatment creams in those tubes. Honestly I get freaked out before because I almost used one for my sunburn when I was younger haha! but enough about that lets proceed with the review ok? :) 

Cleans pores
Removes oil
 Clarifies skin

water, ethyl alcohol, polyacrylamide laureth-7 c13-14 isoparafin, salycylic acid, glycerin, eutylene glycol, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) extract, grape (vitis vinivera) seed extract, cucumber (cucumis sativus) extract, triclosan, allantoin, beta glucan, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, fragnance, hydrogen peroxida, benzyl alcohol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolonone. 


- Affordable price. 100 php (approx 2.31USD)
- good packaging.


- It did not dried my breakouts :(
- Not available locally, you have to order it from a representative or via the internet.
- It actually broke me out more :( 

My Verdict?

I don't really give bad reviews if possible but I have to say this product is not worth my 100 pesos. It just broke me out more which really disappoints me.

Will I repurchase? 

No. lets leave it at that. 

I think the main reason why my pimple got worse was because this product has triclosan. I've actually researched that triclosan is really good for the skin in removing acne but not all people are compatible with it. I think I have allergies because of it. 

A word of advise though, just because this product didn't work for me that means it won't work for you too. You have to check with a dermatologist first if you are allergic to any substance and ALSO read the label. 

I hope you got a little educated with this review. Please do comment below about your acne break out experience and I will talk to you next time. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice  

I am in no way affiliated with the said brand and company presented in this reviews. All reviews presented here are based on my personal opinions and the product was bought with my own money. 


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I would believe everything about your blog after reading this post. I've tried this once and it didn't help with the breakout. I gave it another chance. Tried again. No help and it even irritated it.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh.. too late! I just bought it and then read your blog.. :( I dont have much acne break out but i have a very sensitive skin few dust and taking oily food triggers the pimples, I still have to try this acne gel, (i hope it works) but im actually have a feeling it will not work for me :(

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