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Friday, November 4, 2011

Product Review: Ever Bilena Mousse Matte Foundation

Ola! I'm back with another review. 

For today's review it would be for the Ever Bilena Mousse Foundation. 
I have actually used this foundation for 2 weeks straight and basically I would be my evaluations about it...


With the packaging I could say its cute and nice. I like this packaging because it reminds me of the mousse line from Maybelline. As far as I can remember this comes in 6 shades: Acorn, Chestnut, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Pecan and Walnut.This retails at around 145php (approx 3 - 4 USD) but I got this for only 99 (approx 2 USD) when they had a promo for their mousse products a couple of months ago.

Notice how their names are from nuts its so cute! I actually like eating peanuts :)

From all the colors I picked walnut which actually fits my shade! Yey!

This hand has the foundation on. See how 'invisibly' improves my skin? LOL

The texture of the mousse is very light and also when you put it in your face it quite powdery and doesn't feel waxy after an hour. But even though it says Matte foundation on the label I still have to put powder on top of it or just apply primer before I apply the foundation. 

In terms of covering my dark circles and blemishes, its actually good. It covers up my dark circles completely while with my blemishes I still need to add a little bit of concealer.Lasting power is okay. It would last around 4 hours if I'm not exposed to the sun. But when I'm exposed to the sun, it would only last like 1-2 hours :(
Pore coverage is good and coverage is between sheer to medium coverage. 

Some of the articles I've seen online said that this product has silica which mostly some girls would be allergic to. I actually did not break out with this product which is a good thing. 

The only thing though that I don't like though is the packaging. Although it reminds me of the packaging of Maybelline dream mousse line, it is likely unhygienic because I have to dip my fingers in the tub to get some product.

What I Like:

- Cheap for its price.
- Didn't broke me out even though it has silica.
- Covered my dark circles.
- very light on the skin.
- Good pore coverage.
- 6 shades to choose from.
- Good coverage: Sheer to Medium

What I don't like:

- The packaging is a bit unhygienic

Great product to use! I really like the lightness of the product and it effectively gives me great results after 1 use. I also like that it is affordable if you can't really afford the Maybelline Dream mousse make up.

Will I repurchase? 

Sure, but not at the moment since I have tons of products to finish first.

Have you tried using this product as well? 

Tell me what you think on the comment box below and I will talk to you on the next blog post! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

PS. I am in no way affiliated with the brand mentioned in this blog post. The product featured was bought with my own money. 


Aya said... [Reply]

I've only tried the mousse eyeshadows. Thanks for this review :D

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ aya -- I wanna try their mousse eye shadows, I've heard that they're great eye shadow base :) Thanks for dropping by.

Mej of Need.Want.Buy said... [Reply]

I have this one. but it tugs my skin every time i apply it and cakes a bit on my under eye. does this happen to you?

Alice said... [Reply]

@Mej of Need.Want.Buy Hi Mej! I suggest you warm up the product first at the back of your hand then apply it to your under eye. It happened to me once but when I warm the product at the back of my hand it became a little creamy so its easier to spread it into the skin...hope that helps! :)

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