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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Noel Bazaar Experience

Ola ladies! I am back for the week and I have tons of things to tell you girls.  

I have been attending events for a couple of weeks now and usually the events I go to were held on a weekend which was great if you ask me LOL .

The first event I went to last weekend was the Diana Stalder Mall show, I've already blogged about it though you can check it here

The second event I went to was the Noel Bazaar which was yesterday. I went there to check the launch of Miss Kat soap and also to check out their items and also ask some questions about the company and of course their products. The blog post for the Miss Kat Soap will be uploaded soon so don't worry ^^,

With all honesty I was appalled with all the sales I saw, if I had just the money to buy for the things I needed I would buy it. I actually cringed to the thought haha! 

There were some interesting things I saw at the bazaar that I would definitely go back for next time. 

See the beautiful colors? Those are not just colored bottles but lambanog! yes it is! These are flavored lambanog. To those that don't know what lambanog is, it is a liquor here in the Philippines made from coconuts. Basically they are somewhat fermented to be drinks. But if this get over-processed, it turn into vinegar. And the info I got was you can actually mix these drinks, so cool right? haha! 

I know I sound really weird talking about alcohol that much, and I admit I like to drink alcoholic beverages sometimes. It doesn't hurt to go wild sometimes LOL.

Next item I saw was Nautreal which in which they sell body lotions and scrubs. I actually tried their ginger and rosemary body butter and I actually liked the scent of it! and it has a warm feel to it so its great to use for massages. And they were so nice to give me 2 tickets for the Noel bazaar. Thanks Miss Diane! ^^,

I didn't buy anything yet because I'll come back for their December sale. 

The Noel Bazaar is held at the World Trade Center from November 18-27 and December 21-23 and also on the PICC Forum tent on December 9-18. 

ALSO if you are looking for make up like HiP Jelly balm and other items that are not really available here in Manila, this is your chance to buy it there. I actually saw lots of items on sale there so better grab this chance for buying gifts for your friends and family! 
Much love! 

-- Alice


wickeRmoss said... [Reply]

parang gusto ko pakyawin ung lambanog! LOL

Photoescape said... [Reply]

ang ganda no? uber sarap pa! :D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

hi alice thank for blogging our Nautreal and Swan Le Beau products. It was nice meeting you :) hope u can come back at noel bazaar on dec and world bazaar as well :) - Diane Tan :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Diane -- It was also really nice to meet you! ^^, I will def drop by this December hope I can see you there! ^^.

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