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Monday, November 7, 2011

My weekend with Say and SuperSale Bazaar

Ola ladies! 

How was your weekend? 

Honestly I had a great weekend because I was able to FINALLY meet and greet Say of Make Up by Say! 

I have watched her videos for a long time now and I have seen this girl transform on youtube! 

Of course when she was given to chance to invite some of her readers and viewers to join her last Saturday on the SuperSale Bazaar I did not hesitate to join! teehee! 

I actually won on the raffle to have coffee with Say, while my friend Arrienne won both the free ticket and also the coffee date ^^,  by the way Arrienne is also a youtuber please do go and check out here Youtube Channel Mineeh11

We actually got to the venue at around 3:30 pm and had some problems with the tickets, but it was all good. It was raining heavily that day but it was all good :)

I was actually texting Say because we don't want to be late with the meet and greet even though we'll meet her later at Mall of Asia. 

And here is the picture! ^^, 

Say is so nice and I was actually shocked that she remembered my youtube name! ayiiii!!!! I was really not expecting that! 

I kinda felt intimidated because of her height, but that was forgotten when we had a little conversation at the bazaar. Say doesn't really talk alot but she is so nice ^^, Of course me and Arrienne don't want to keep her to ourselves all through out the bazaar so we just went around the bazaar to check out items we can buy. 

In terms of make up I was able to see a lot of NYX make up which were really cheap by the way! But I wasn't able to buy one because I STILL have tons of lippies in my drawer. I don't want to put it to waste. There were also clothes there that were on sale, in which if you ask me was not really cheap. I saw one stall that was selling a 3 for 1000 deal but they were not that big of a deal. 

I also saw a lot of satchel bags but they were too small for me :( 

By the way this is miss Sarah of Naturele Collezionne, she is just the nicest lady ever! and she is so pretty too! 

I wasn't able to chat up with her at the event too because there were so much people! haha! 

One thing though that catch my attention in the event was this older lady in a corner that was trying to get her stuff sold but no one was paying attention to her. She actually did not have a stall at the event. I wanted to cry when I saw her because I experienced that kind of treatment before when my mom had tons of Japanese inspired clothes that were for sale. I get emotional about little things so please excuse me for bringing this up. 

After walking and checking out stuff and also vlogging with Arrienne, we finally got tired and went to Mall of Asia haha! But we did not leave empty handed! :D 

Things I bought from the Super Sale Bazaar! will do another post on this! :D

At Mall of Asia, me and Arrienne went through gruesome walking mode again to find Holy Cow which Say said we'll be meeting. I haven't been to MOA in a couple of months so that means this was a massive job of finding it haha! 

I wasn't able to take picture of the dinner but I did some vlogging you'll see later at the end of this blog :) 
After dinner, we chatted up for a bit then said our goodbyes. We also had some pictures taken by Say's companion Christian. 

My Yakult Green Tea with 50% sugar. 
By the way, while searching for Holy Cow, we were able to see a Gong Cha store in MOA which was great because its been a while since I drank Gong Cha so I was kinda excited to have an after-meal tea. I ordered Yakult Green Tea while Arrienne had Milk Tea with Pearls. 

We stayed to MOA up until I think 8pm till we decided to go home. When we were on the way to MRT I suddenly remembered I had to buy something in the grocery so I had to go to cubao. Luckily I was able to buy some items at Savemore. 




I really had fun meeting Say and also talking with her as if we have known each other for a really really long time. I would really love to meet you again and have coffee next time Say! :)

By the way this is the video of my whole experience

I hope you girls enjoyed reading this post. 

Have you attended the SuperSale? how was your experience? 

Would love to read them here! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

ang saya naman nito!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

sana nandun ka! ^^, It would've been great to see you there

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