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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

meet my bed buddy!!! ^^,

You girls already know that I absolutely love animals since I have shown you my dog which kinda look like he is gonna eat you piece by piece but by all honesty that dog is very sweet. 

Now I'll be showing you my bed buddy. Since I sleep on a very big bed I share it with my mom and this furry thing you see on the top part of the blog. His name is Tulis which if you translate it to english it would be pointy. My mom is to blame with this name haha! My mom likes to name our pets weird names. I had one cat before and his name is NO NAME, yes I am dead serious, that was only time my mom wasn't able to think of a good name for an animal. 

Tulis is actually one of my older cat's kitten, the initial plan with this kitty is we would sell him since that is our business but as time passes and he had grown attached to me, I did not even thought of selling him any more. 

His mood fairly changes during the day. There would be times that he would be very sweet and obedient, then there would be times he would be stubborn and mischievous. He actually gets in a lot of fights with the other cats that's why I always scold him. I know animals don't really get the term punishment but I made him realize his mistake. When he would do something bad I would do the cold treatment on him and at the end he would just sit in my foot, I think that is his way of saying sorry.
watchu lookin at?!?! LOL
Tulis is actually more than a pet to me. He is like a side kick I have when I have lazy afternoons at home haha! 
This big furball is so cute and when you meet him in person you would really like to cuddle him even if he doesn't like that :D
Much Love
-- Alice


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