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Monday, November 28, 2011

just hit 100 subbies! GIVEAWAY coming up ^^,

I just reached 100 subbies! 

I know its kinda weird to celebrate this but I just feel really happy because even though it took me approximately a year to reach it I know its worth it! 

If you go back on my previous blogs you would probably see that I blog almost every day now and each post is much different than the other. There was also a significant change on the way I communicate since before I think I was a bit aloof because I thought no one even reads my blog, but now I'm like an open book to everyone that passes by my blog. 

Okay enough of the drama LOL 

As promised, once that I reach 100 subbies here on this blog I will do a giveaway. At the moment I don't have a lot of products but I will do some shopping maybe at the first week of December and I will show to you girls what I have bought. I do have some products already at hand to giveaway but I will make it much more since this is going to be a thank you giveaway. 

Thank you for always reading my blog although sometimes I think I say too much yet you still like it haha! 

Please do follow me on twitter and my facebook page. Although I don't update my facebook page that much rest assured when you message me there I'll answer it ASAP ^^, 

I'll be posting the mechanics for my giveaway soon so please watch out! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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