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Friday, November 11, 2011

June to October Favorites and October empties

Happy Friday Ladies! 

This is the blog edition of my favorites and also my October empties. 

The empties are actually not seen in the picture above because I've thrown them out a couple of days *my bad* but any who you can see them on the video. 

These are the complete list of the products that I have been loving from June to October.

 Pure Belle Cotton pads (not shown on picture)

I like this mainly because it saves me a lot of product. Usually it takes me at least 4 cotton balls to completely remove my make up then another 1 to for my toner if I'm gonna use one. But with cotton pads it just takes me a total of 3 pads for removing my make up and also for the toner. 

For your daily touch lavender clay mask

I really like this product because it dries my pimple. I've done a review about this you can check it out here on my blog. 

Sophie Paris (2) phase make up remover

I really like this make up remover since it doesn't sting my eyes when I remove my eyeliner and mascara. 

 Careline Blushes in Peach Glow and Touch of Pink 

I know I've promised a review with this blush and its coming up. I really like this blush because its really compact and it fits any skin color. Peach glow is much better for my skin than touch of pink for some reason. 

 Human Heart Nature Feminine wash.

This feminine wash is just what I like to use. It actually doesn't give me that feeling like your female parts on fire, it makes me feel so refreshed and not sticky. 

 Sophie Paris Perfect skin foaming cleanser

I think I've used this cleanser since September and I like it. It did not stop my break outs on a 100% level but it did kept it at bay. I've also purchased the cleansing pad to try it out.

Sophie Paris J'adore lipstick in summer pink and red wine 

These two lippies have actually been my BFF for the last 2 or 3 months. I really like the shades of the J'adore line! too bad I had to keep them in my vanity area for a while now since I'm trying to finish out some products I still have. 


I've only started drinking this since last month, I know it kinda breaks the rule but I just need to add this up on my favorites. :)

So lets move on the the October empties! 

Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture of them before I threw them out. 

First off was the Avon Naturals shower gel in sparkling cherry blossom. I really like that shower gel since it feels refreshing in the morning. 

Second is my 3rd bottle of the make up remover from Sophie Paris. As I said earlier, I really love this! haha! 
Lastly is my Sophie Paris Refreshing mask in green tea and apple. I actually like this product since it reduced blackheads and whiteheads but the price and its size does not match up. 

Well that's it for the favorites and empties. I think I will post another favorites video in a couple of months or should I do it on a monthly basis? haha I know I'm confusing you. 

So what products have you been loving last October? 

Comment below for your answers! 

By the way here is the video version. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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