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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Dress to the nines

sorry for the irrelevant picture I just missed this moment haha

Dressing up is something I have a love-hate relationship with. I like dressing up when I feel like to. You can ask the my closest friend and they would tell you out front that I don't like dressing up that much. 

I know dressing up 'to the nines' can amp up your chances of getting noticed either at work or by your crush.
Dressing up would also amp up your self-confidence. 

But dressing up nonetheless is something we can do on a daily or on special occasion. One main thing you have to remember is to know your body type. Because if you don't know it you would be as lost as a kid in the mall :)). 

There are basically a lot of types of body shapes but there are the 4 common: apple, pear, straight, and hourglass. There is also the inverted triangle, and the curvy which most of which are hard to dress up. I will just be talking about some of the noted above since I am not a fashion expert okay? I'll make another post for the other body types

Lets start with apple shapes. Apple shapes tend to look round in the middle so I would suggest to befriend the belt since it will help you create an illusion of a waist. And also don't go for cropped tops since make you look wider. If you are more on the jeans, go for jeans that are fastened at the sides rather than the front part since it will emphasize your stomach. 

With Pear shaped bodies you are more of a bottom heavy which I would suggest that you have to stay away from jeans that has big pockets because it will emphasize it. Also go for flowy skirts and bare back tops. 

With hourglass, well your in for a luck since you don't have to worry much. Just embrace the curves that you have. Only thing you do have to stay away from is round neck tops and baggy clothes because they will make you much bigger. 

So that is about it for today's post about fashion. I'll try to be more fashion-savvy not just on my post but also in real life. 



I actually don't have a good pair of heels that's why I don't even bother dressing up LOL 

See you on the next post! 

Much love! 

-- Alice


Aya said... [Reply]

Thanks for this post. As for me, I NEED heels. Haha I need the height. :P

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