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Monday, November 28, 2011

First Impressions on the Miss Kat soap

Ola ladies! 

I will be doing this first impressions blog for Miss Kat soap since it says that it will make your skin much better, I haven't used this product on my self but I have given one to be tested out.
I have actually given my mom the Moroccan Argan oil soap.
My mom has dry skin and I think she would really like this one. As for me I have not tried any of the other soaps since I am finishing my other skin care products. So this first impressions is based on what my mom feels. I would also include here some descriptions of the products I got from Miss Kat Soap.

My mom is not really the kind of lady that would be really vain not unless she had to go outside. She rarely puts skin care products on a daily basis that is why I act like I'm the mother between us because she really needs to take care of her skin more since she is getting older. 

My brother's fiance actually gave her a serum to reduce fine lines but I ended up using it because it would just be  waste if she lets it sit on her vanity LOL. 

According to the claim for their Moroccan Argan oil
Look and feel young! This bar has intense moisture that improves rough and dry skin, reduces fine lines, heals and soothes skin irritations and other skin problems with regular use it will heal existing acne blemishes, prevent the occurrence of new breakouts and scarring. It is gentle enough for all skin types. 

Compared to my skin, my mom has dry skin which means she needs moisture. I've given my mom the soap to try out and she basically said that it works really well. Compared from previous facial washes she uses this one has giver her more moisture which is good. 

Unfortunately my mom doesn't want to have a picture of the before and after. She was horrified when I told her I'll let my readers see the difference haha! one of the changes I did notice is that her fine lines had reduced a little but you will still see some. My mom is a "baby face"  so some people actually thinks she is just 40+ but in fact she is already in her 50's cool right? ^^,

Lets move on to the next one which is the 24k gold bar. 

Its claim is to brighten up the skin and give like a luminous, glowing and radiant complexion in every wash. 

I think this one would be good for girls that would like to achieve the k-pop looking skin. You know what I mean, the skin looks really poreless and refined. 

Next up is the 3 in 1 soap. This soap will cleanse, moisturize and will remove extra make up. It also says that this product will leave your skin feeling soft like of a baby! I think this one would be great if you are the type that is a bit lazy when it comes to taking off make up *ehem* haha!

And of course the last is the AM and PM soap. 

yellow one is the AM while blue one is the PM

I actually have a full size one of this variant so I will probably do a review for one in the near future. It says that the AM soap will clear moderate acne and bacne since it exfoliates and regulates oilyness. The AM soap also has a mattifying component.

For the PM soap this is to wash away the acne marks and evens out our skin tone and tightens large pores. 

This one is really for me if you ask me ^^, I have oily and acne-prone skin. 

As of the moment only the Moroccan argan oil soap have been used by my mom and I am planning on buying one this December as a gift for her. But I'm still deciding whether I should give her one but I'll let you know when I show you what I got from the sales and bazaars I went to ^^, 

Watch out for the proper reviews of these products in the future! ^^,

Much love! 

-- Alice


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