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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Collective haul November 2011

Ola ladies! 

These are actually all the things I got these couple of weeks. 

I can't believe I have been on at least 4 events then I won a blog giveaway! 

I won't go into details in some of the products here since they are reserved for next time. I didn't realized that I have been on so many events this month maybe because I have been terribly busy and sometimes I forget that its actually work when I am having fun with it. 

Its like my current job, I sometimes curse myself why I chose this as my occupation but when I think about it I'm not really teaching my students, I'm more of their big sister or their friend...well to my higher level students that is haha! 

I was not paid nor asked to do this post by some of the companies shown on this blog post just to make it clear ayt? 

Some of the products I got were: 

Christian Bautista's latest album "Outbound"
2 Ever Bilena Pink water body spray 
1 Ever Bilena blackwater spray
Diana Stalder whitening soap with gluthatione
Diana Stalder toning lotion
Diana Stalder lightening cream
Diana Stalder Sunblock
Miss Kat Soap tester kit (will do a separate post about this)
Miss Kat Soap AM and PM soap (will do a separate post about this)
Nail polishes from Real Asian Beauty (will do a separate post about this)

I won't really go into details with the products now, but I will real soon. Oh I forgot here is the video version of this blog ^^.

By the way I would just like to thank every one that has read and commented on my blog. I really really appreciate that you dropped by and read some of my post.

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

wow, this is a lot! congrats for winning a blog giveaway! :)

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