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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breakout season again! T_T

Its that time of the year again where I break out like crazy. 

Seriously I don't know why it has to be before the Christmas season...maybe its because of stress with all the shopping? HA! I wish! LOL 

I don't know why but I am suddenly breaking out again. And if you are guessing its because of my face routine, well I am sad to say that is not the case. I think its because of the weather. When its summer here in Manila I rarely breakout, I would only break out if my monthly visitor is coming, but aside from that there's none to think. The weather has becoming a bit colder nowadays so I think my face is getting the stress of the changing weather. 

Weird to say but its true. I would have to go to my dermatologist then to get my face checked out again and see what she can recommend me. I remember the last I had a major breakout it was when I was working for a call center. At that time my dermatologist recommended me some products that are actually really cheap and they do work. I will tell you more about it after I go to my dermatologist. 

These break outs had been stressing me out lately. I know its kinda bad if you touch it, but honestly you can't help but touch it! haha! But luckily I can at least cover it up with some foundation and concealer. 

I'll show you how I conceal my acne scars on my next blog post.
Much Love! 

-- Alice


Myrted said... [Reply]

Hay naku sis keri lang yan!!! Lilipas din at magsasawa sila. Ako din I have breakouts right now dahil malapit na si monthly visitor. :(( at ang nakakainis pa kasi ang sasakit nila!!! :( Very sad tlga ano? :(( BOO! Anyways, yours is like a rashes not certainly pimples?

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@myrted -- parang tao lang eh no? LOL oo nga parang rashes yung break out tapos uber sakit din..nakakainis! mabuti nalang madali sya mawala..

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