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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Teacher's Life according to me

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Being a teacher is not just something that you get your income from, but more of a life-changing experience for you and your student. 

I am a teacher - an online English teacher that is. I have learned to keep my cool when I have a very tough student. 

I teach English to Koreans over the phone which doubles the stress because you won't be able to give them visuals other than the book that was given to them. 

I can say there are times I hate my job, there are times that I appreciate it. I hate it in the sense that it seems my students are not even absorbing what I am trying to teach them. I have students that have a lot of determination in learning the English language, and I really love them for that. I may not see them but I make them feel that I appreciate their effort to study English. 

I have one student that I really despised (despised talaga teh?) before because he would not even respond to me. I won't say his name in this blog. One day I told him that I believe he is good and he can learn more in our class, all he needs to do is to try. And you know what on our next lesson he read the story by himself. I nearly cried when he was reading it. I was so overwhelmed because he was has believed in himself that he can do it. It was not perfect intonation and pronunciation wise but I can feel that he was really trying. 
Students like this make me work more everyday. I may not be the perfect teacher at time, but I made sure that they learn on our and have fun too.

I am a teacher and a student too. I teach my students the English language while I learn how to be patient and also how to communicate with them in Korean and their culture. 

Happy Teacher's Day for all! 

Have you greeted your teacher today? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG I want that job too. I just haven't applied yet. Which company do you work for? Have you heard of SMD? The one in Tycoon?

Photoescape said... [Reply]

I can't tell you where I work ^^, I don't know SMD though we are in the same building... Thanks for dropping by! ^^,

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