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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Series: My Favorite Youtuber/ blogger - SayTiocoArtillero

from say's blog

I haven't done this series in a long time so I guess I'd better bring it back for you girls! :) 

For today's post would be about no other than 


I've actually subscribed to this girl for quite some time now and I like how she has changed. On her first videos her usual background would be her room and her only light source is natural lighting, I could notice since I know where the light was from back then haha! but her videos are great!

But enough about that! I was actually shocked to know that she has a blog and I subscribed to her to know more about her. Talk about staker-ish mode LOL. 

The thing I like about her is that she always looks so polished. I actually saw her one time in UST, but I wasn't able to greet her because I was with a friend and we were in hurry. And when I saw her I was like OMG she is tall! haha! I'm 5'3" so even if you are 5'5" I would say you're tall LOL.

I also like that she is making a name for herself using make up. She is a make up artist and does make up for different event. She also makes inspired looks on her youtube channel. She is like Michelle Phan in a way, but she is younger and also a Pinay ^^, 

She also loves Korean Food! haha! I actually sent her a link of how to make spicy rice cakes from my food blog ^^, 

I really wish I could see her again in person she just seems to be a really fun girl to be with ^^, 

To Say: 

Thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of make up enthusiast, 

I really do hope to meet you someday and get to know you more ^^,

More power to your blogs and your career! 

Check her sites!

Now I will end this post with a picture of Say's favorite look a the moment ^^,

from say's blog


Much Love! 

-- Alice


Yonka said... [Reply]

You are so sweet and has a very natural beauty and has no artificial things. Very pure and as true as nature.All have the right to look beautiful as life is just for once and no one should miss this chance.And the best way is to be with nature and its goodness.

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