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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Product Review: Sophie Martin's Perfect Skin Foaming Cleanser

Ola ladies!

I have another review for y'all!

I have been holding these products for a review because I have been busy so much but I promise this coming days I'll be posting in more as in more reviews! haha!

I've had sporadic break outs for sometime because of stress, pollution, and poor sleeping habits. These break outs are like only one or two little bumps which concealer can actually fix during the day but I would also like to fix the problem as soon as possible.

I mainly purchased this product because it says it will reduce your break out within 24-48 hours. I have my holy grail product for pimples which is the neutrogena soap but I think they stopped the bar soap variant and the liquid form is always OOS in the stores I go to, so I just said "sige na nga!" and ordered this and its acne gel. I'll do a separate post on the acne gel.

So going back to the foaming cleanser, this product promises to clear out or stop break outs within 48 hours. I've actually been using it for about 3 weeks already and I like it. It did stop the sporadic break outs and kept it at bay with regular use of course. One thing though that I found out is that its better that you use this with the cleansing pad that costs around 120 pesos (approx 2.78 USD). I didn't purchase the cleansing pad since I have hands LOL.

Packaging wise, it looks clean and not like the ones that we see on the market. This actually lookes more like a toner rather than a cleanser haha!. This cleanser can be purchased at 135 php (approx 3.13 USD) at any Sophie Martin sales associate.

Lets go to the low down of the products shall we?

What I like: 
- Kept my break outs at bay.
- Doesn't have any harsh reaction on my skin.
- You can see the manufacturing and expiration date clearly. 

What I don't like:
- Not available locally, you have to buy this from a Sophie Martin sales associate.

- Has a detergent-like scent. Its okay with me since it fades out.
- Squeezing out the product is like an exercise routine for me sometimes.

It is worth your money if you ask me. This is actually a pricier alternative than my neutrogena one.
This would also last longer than those you buy at stores since it is in a 200ml bottle. This is definitely a keeper!

Will I repurchase? 
I'm not sure since I still have almost 80% of the bottle.


1. Wash your face with warm water. cold and hot water will be bad for your skin since it can break capillaries 
2. Only  wash your face twice a day. Washing your face more than that can dry your skin. 

If you do have questions about this product please do comment below 

and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love!

-- Alice

NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with the company and the brand that was featured in this review nor was I paid to do this review. All things stated in the review are solely my opinions


Hollie said... [Reply]

interesting... the only stuff I bought from Sophie Martin are lip products... Awesome review!

selle said... [Reply]

meron po ba siyang triclosan or troclocarban?

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ hollie Thanks for reading dear! ^^,

@ Selle -- unfortunately dear this doesn't have triclosan or has salicylic acid and tea tree oil ^^. thanks for reading this post! ^^,

selle said... [Reply]

thank you! sobrang nakatulong po yung mga info dito, i was confuse kasi kung bibili ako nito, yung first na ganto nila may triclosan, which is di pa sure ang FDA kung ano talaga ang effect sa atin, thank you po ulit!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ selle -- Oic baka they reformulated it because as far as I know salicylic acid is a great way to dry up pimples. glad I was able to help you! :) I'll do a post about the acne gel so please keep on reading :)

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