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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Product Review: Human Heart Nature All Natural Feminine Wash


Taking care of our feminine area is like next to taking care of our make up...That's what I think. I usually buy products that are not only good for our self but also good for our wallet.   

I found it in this little bottle right here! ^^,  
According to the website:
Feel fresh as a summer breeze! Formulated to match the body's natural pH and enriched with aloe Vera and chamomile extracts to cleanse and freshen without irritating your sensitive skin.

 Its consistency is a watery gel-like which is kind of different from the ones I've tried before. I can't really described the scent of it. But I like that it does not really harm our feminine area. 

 This product comes in a 50ml and a 200ml bottle. I got the 50ml as a gift from another blogger when I had my giveaway then. 

What I like:
- Really cheap! 50ml for 59.75 while the 200ml is 159.75
- Proudly Filipino made. 
- Does not have icky or overwhelming scent. 
- Does not have side effects on my feminine area. 

What I don't like about it: 

None so far.


Its a must buy! 
This product is perfect for sensitive skin and it has a little cooling effect when your washing it.
And also this is made in the Philippines which means that materials for this product are also from our resources ^^, 

Will I repurchase? 

Of course! once I've finished this bottle I will repurchase the bigger one. 

Who do I recommend this?

I would recommend this if you would like to experience an all natural feminine wash that is solely made in the Philippines. 

That's my review for today! 

I'll have more reviews to come! 

Much love! 

-- Alice 

NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with the company and the brand that was featured in this review nor was I paid to do this review. All things stated in the review are solely my opinions


Hollie said... [Reply]

Finally, a review about this product! hehe
it's actually been sitting on my home desk and I never used it LOL.
Awesome review sis.

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@Hollie -- haha! why haven't you used it sis? try it awesome sya ^^,

Issa said... [Reply]

thanks for the review! :)

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