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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My jam-packed weekend

Last Saturday and Sunday I was in a lot of events. It was amazing because I was able to meet new people, see new places and also have new experiences I can look back. 
I'll just do a summary in this post. I will be more detailed on the next ones ok? 

First off is last Saturday, October 15, I actually woke up uber early for an event at City Kart Racing. I just thought that it was going to be a showcase of their facilities and also an exhibition from professional drivers. When I got there it was a whole lot more. I actually had a lot of fun in the event. Unfortunately on that day I was suppose to attend the Bloggers Congress at DLSU but I wasn't able to go because of the City Kart Racing event. But any who I'm sure I will be able to attend the Bloggers Congress next time. 

Then on October 16, that was the BDJ or Belle de jour event on Eastwood. I usually go to Eastwood if I just want to roam around and see some cool things I can buy. Honestly I had fun on the event, but for some reason I wasn't able to enjoy it that much.

There was also the BPI outlet and travel sale I went to. Too bad I wasn't able to buy anything because I forgot to bring extra cash. I'm really getting old. 

I really had fun last Saturday! I am definitely checking my schedule for this weekend! 

Any invites? LOL joking! 

I hope you girls also had a great weekend. 

I'll tell you more about last weekend on the next posts so please visit back ok? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


SunnyToast said... [Reply]

Your weekend is really jumpacked:) it only means your living life to the most:) enjoy!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks for dropping by Sunny ^^,

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