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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Karting at City Kart Racing

I have always dreamed of driving my own car, or maybe just driving.

I thought driving was easy, I was wrong haha! 

Last Saturday I was able to attend to an event hosted by City Kart Racing in Makati. The event was set to begin around 10 am so I have to leave home at around 8:30 am. I know its early but when its a weekend to where I live, transportation can be a bit slower so its better to leave early. 

When I got there I was surprised that the place is just like any other race tracks but it is in a parking lot. Yes! I actually did some research from what I got from the event and also the use of my good friend Google. City Kart Racing has been running since 2006. Originally they were in Sucat, Paranaque but they had to move to Makati to get more client since before they were at the SLEX. 

Their facilities are fairly simple and there's not a lot to look forward to like bridges and bumps and what not. I was excited about the app that they have for their races. 1 heat or race as they would say would be 12 minutes each. The thing with the app is the best time you had on the race will be updated in your Facebook page. 

Of course before we start riding those karts we were briefed of the safety precautions and also the signals we need to remember by Jean-Marc Jeff Freihuber, owner of City Kart Racing. 

Driving is something I was rattled about since I suck at driving. Even at Need For Speed I suck at it! haha! But since we were briefed about it I think I can do good. At the first part of the program we were given time to test ourselves in driving the circuit. I admit I finished last on the race which was a total bummer. The other bloggers that attended the event actually teased me about it but it was all good haha! 

The second part was about the application and about the website. The app was fairly easy, you have to sign in to your Facebook account and allow the app and your all set to go, all you have to do is drive and drive fast. 

After introducing the app, we were told that there would be a race and the bloggers were to be grouped into 3's and the one with the most laps win. I was grouped with sir Jeff and sir Louie who were uber supportive of me since I was the slowest in the group. We actually won 4th place in the race but was moved to 3rd since the group had a violation. 

I also had the flat tire award since I'm the slowest. I admit I'm slow in driving! haha! I have never gone karting so don't judge me! LOL 

'nuf said I really had fun riding those karts and would definitely be back for more! You can check out City Kart Racing at the 7th floor of City Park Square in Makati. Follow them on their Facebook page and also follow them on twitter!/CityKartRacing.

Thank you to Cris Marquez and City Kart Racing for the wonderful experience!

I'll post all the pictures on my Facebook Page! 

Till the next heat! ^^,

Much Love!

-- Alice


Louie said... [Reply]

Fun-filled experience, indeed. Nasa unahan pa pala picture ko hehe.. 'twas nice meeting you Alice!

Pink MagaLine said... [Reply]

I wanna try riding a Go Kart but I can't drive. I'm afraid to drive. Hahaha.

Visit me back sis ,")

Issa said... [Reply]

this looks fun! i wanna try this! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@louie -- of course! :)) It was nice meeting you too! Till the next event! :)

@Pink Magaline -- I can't drive too but don't worry they will give you the specifics before you get on the kart.. wanna join the next bloggers fun blaze? :)

@Issa -- sobrang fun sya sis! Adrenaline rush ala Fast and the Furious lang! :)

Ric Demcie said... [Reply]

Race pa ulit ;)sana may next BBFC pa ulit :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ ric -- for sure there will be another one! haha! next time I won't be the flat tire! LOL

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