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Friday, October 14, 2011

K-pop Friday: Huh Gak

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If you watch Superstar K you would probably know this guy. 

His name is Huh Gak and he is the 2nd grand winner of Superstar K. The 2nd competition has actually ended last year and it is now in its 3rd season.

When I was watching him perform, I was amazed because how can a small guy like him be all over the stage? I was astounded by his performance especially when he performed "You give love a bad name" I got goosebumps with his performance.

One of his songs that I really like is 'Always' because his voice is just perfect for it.

I haven't downloaded any songs this month because I have been lazy. Music lovers can get lazy too you know! LOL but above else this song has become a staple in my mp3 when I would like to be sentimental at times.

Speaking of Superstar K be sure to watch it every week! The episodes I've seen are just the auditions which are a mix of shock and laughs from Lee Seung Chul's critiques.

He is way harsh that Simon Cowell I tell you that! But he is not just there to criticize you to make you feel bad but to also hone your skills as a performer. I have seen these kinds of judges since I am also a performer before.

Be sure to watch Superstar K 3 on TVN or Channel V!

Have you also watched this program? What do you think about it?

Let me know on the comment box and I will talk to you soon!

Have a safe weekend!

-- Alice


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