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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A girl can dream

Ola ladies! 

No the title isn't about unrequited love! LOL 

I have been dreaming of getting this laptop for me and my videos. And also of course to use for my blog. 

The price is so overwhelming I really wanna cry...NOT! LOL. 

I want to own this mainly for the reason of my youtube videos. I like Imovie and its editing capabilities OH how I wish for one! 

I hope someone would hear my prayers *cough KUYA cough* 


No way my brother would buy me this! haha! But I have been nudging him to check this out. And I swear even if I have to clean his room to pay for it I will! HAHA! but seriously if that means not giving me any present for 2 years just for a laptop is okay for me.

I have a 4 brothers and a sister. But there is only 1 sibling that I have been nudging to buy me this. And that is my kuya Alvin. We actually don't get along when we were younger. We just started to co-habit peacefully....wait ANO DAW!?!? LOL 

Sorry for the tagalog words for my non-tagalog speaking readers. I do have a translator at the side bar if you want to understand this fully. 

(going back) We started getting along pretty well when I have finished college and started working. I know its pretty late to be close to my brother but that's how we are. 

My brother knows a lot about technology more than I do so I trust him to get me a great or maybe a good gadget to use. 

I won't show a picture of my brother here for his safety. I heard he is quite popular with the ladies....SERIOUSLY!?!? LOL 

I really hope he buys me this or even the second best camera for my videos...My vodaphone is starting to give up on me. :(

But if all else fails and he won't give me that for my birthday I will just have to save up my money for it. Haha! dun din pala yung bagsak LOL! :))

Okay that's it for today's blog. 

If you do have questions please go to the comment box.

Talk to you soon! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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