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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fashion Alert: Fall/Winter 2011 trends

I know its another fall report and girls would be telling me 

"Alice there is no fall or autumn and either winter season here in the Philippines!"

I know that ladies but I think some of the things in these trends would still fit in our climate. Especially since it has been raining nowadays. 

Here are the things that I've seen on Runways of Chanel, D&G and among others. I'm only going to feature 3 trends.

Lets start!

1. Color

Since the weather is a bit colder you might thing that neutrals and reserve colors are in right...well not exactly. As to what I have seen brighter colors are on this season. From Betsey Johnson to Missoni brighter hues are in. Choose from crimson, neon orange, purple, sky blue and others bright hues to liven up your mood.

2. Chunky Knitted top

If you are opting to be stylish and be comfortable at the same time go for a chunky knitted top. I've seen Missoni and Michael Kors with these on their collections and I absolutely adore them.

3. (Fake) Fur and Leather.

I have seen and felt real fur and leather but the thought of wearing them scares me to death. If you want to opt for this 2 trends go faux ok? I've seen Zac Posen, Gucci and Versace working these.

Well those are the trends I have seen.

These can be used one at a time only. Choose what you think suits you and rock it.

Much love!

-- Alice

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Hollie said... [Reply]

if only fake fur would go well with the Philippine weather, I'd wear those without second thoughts...hehehe

Photoescape said... [Reply]

me too!! T_T

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