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Thursday, October 20, 2011

BPI Big Outlet and Travel Sale + EPIC FAIL MOMENT

 I am a big shopping addict - when I have the money haha! But I was so thankful when I got invites for the Big BPI outlet and travel sale last Saturday, October 16 on Megatent.

Of course after the event on City Kart Racing, I went here and checked some stuff.

And when I got there I saw a bunch of stuff that are so cheap that I literally just looked at it with awe. They were up to 90% off!

There were different brands that were on sale. There were also online sellers that were there but I was unable to ask a lot because they had a lot of customers.

I was checking out some items that I can buy. There were these cute stuff that were on sale. They were accessories made of shells that are priced at 150 each! usually at malls they would be around 350 or so. I was supposed to buy them but when I checked my wallet...

I forgot to bring my credit card and also my extra cash! 



But any who I had fun looking and checking out items. I swear the next time I would attend this kind of events I would definitely bring money! 


But big thanks to the organizers of the event: Ms. Jean of Malibu Enterprises for the invites

Thanks so much to those that I gave invites

And see you at the next sale!

Much Love!

-- Alice


ladymishel said... [Reply]

hay! hindi ako natuloy jan sa big outlet sale wla ng time...anyway may next time pa Alice ♥ :)

wickeRmoss said... [Reply]

major fail nga! :(

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ladymishel -- its ok! :) there will be a next time for sure :)

@wickermoss -- sobra! sana I invited you time will definitely invite you for this! :)

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