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Monday, October 31, 2011

Everything Halloween

Happy Halloween girls! 

Since today is the start of the Halloween season I have been thinking of what do be for Halloween. 

I actually don't dress up that much since I wasn't accustomed in celebrating this with my family, but what the hey haha! 

I remember last year I was a rabbit since I like rabbits. I practically wore rabbit ears and the large front teeth and had a carrot in my hand the whole time. Too bad though I don't have a picture of this. 

When I was still working for a call center, there was an incident in the other account that there was like a zombie outbreak there. The agents in that account were dead serious about wearing costumes and even playing their parts during their breaks. I was terrorized by one agent there that was really creepy. He kept following me to my station, AS IF I was scared! LOL 

Since last night I watched Paranormal Activity 2 and also Magandang Gabi Bayan's Kababalaghan. If you grew up in the Philippines in the 90's you would know this very special show of Magandang Gabi Bayan during the Halloween.

So going back to my dilemma about my costume... Should I go for a celebrity look or an anime look?

I am still thinking

I'll let you know what I came up with!

Let me know what you were during the Halloween on the comment box below :)

Much love!

-- Alice

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kpop Fridays: Wonder girls' comeback

credits to google

After a year and a half in break the Wonder Girls are back with a new album. 
Their agency, JYP Entertainment had given a statement that the girls are preparing for their comeback this coming November. 
The Wonder Girls rose to fame internationally with their song "Nobody" in 2009 and since then they have also entered the international scene. 

credits to google

If you girls may not know the company the handles Wonder Girls was also the same company that handled Rain before he made his own company.

It was said that the concept of what the girls would look like in their new album is more mature. 

Can't wait for their comeback! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Series: My Favorite Youtuber/ blogger - SayTiocoArtillero

from say's blog

I haven't done this series in a long time so I guess I'd better bring it back for you girls! :) 

For today's post would be about no other than 


I've actually subscribed to this girl for quite some time now and I like how she has changed. On her first videos her usual background would be her room and her only light source is natural lighting, I could notice since I know where the light was from back then haha! but her videos are great!

But enough about that! I was actually shocked to know that she has a blog and I subscribed to her to know more about her. Talk about staker-ish mode LOL. 

The thing I like about her is that she always looks so polished. I actually saw her one time in UST, but I wasn't able to greet her because I was with a friend and we were in hurry. And when I saw her I was like OMG she is tall! haha! I'm 5'3" so even if you are 5'5" I would say you're tall LOL.

I also like that she is making a name for herself using make up. She is a make up artist and does make up for different event. She also makes inspired looks on her youtube channel. She is like Michelle Phan in a way, but she is younger and also a Pinay ^^, 

She also loves Korean Food! haha! I actually sent her a link of how to make spicy rice cakes from my food blog ^^, 

I really wish I could see her again in person she just seems to be a really fun girl to be with ^^, 

To Say: 

Thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of make up enthusiast, 

I really do hope to meet you someday and get to know you more ^^,

More power to your blogs and your career! 

Check her sites!

Now I will end this post with a picture of Say's favorite look a the moment ^^,

from say's blog


Much Love! 

-- Alice

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fashion Trend: Satchel Bags

credits to

I have been seeing this bag almost everywhere I go. 

One of the girls I follow just bought one of this, its Say :) 

I honestly am a lover of bags but I don't really follow the trends with bags that much because I have my own preference in choosing a bag. I like spacious bags that is unique.
As far as I remember, the trend before was the longchamp bag. My mom actually owns one of those before, or something similar to the longchamp. I had a cambrige satchel bag when I was a kid.

My satchel bag before was in black. It was very simple and sleek. I actually loved it because it makes me look really sophisticated. The only thing I hate though about that bag is the limited space. I was in fifth grade I think when my mom gave me that bag. It was really small and I could only use that bag when we are having periodical exams which just requires us to bring our reviewers, a pen and an extra pad of paper. 

I like the design of the satchel bag now, its more spacious and also there are more colors to choose from. I am actually planning on buying one if there is one that I really like. 

I'll definitely include this on my Christmas wish list if I'm unable to buy one this November! :) 
Are you a proud owner of a satchel? 

Let me know what you think! 

Much love! 

-- Alice

A beki-girl's frustration: MRT and farts

Okay I am back with another bekigirl post. to my non-beki speaking readers please don't try the translator at the side bar because it will just confuse you more. Just comment down below if you want me to do a translated version ok? Lets begin! 

Hay anditey nanaman si watashi! Namiss nyo kez? haha! ayanchi due to popular demand itey nanamern akez with my rantings! LOL

hanu ba itey! nakakaimbey na weatheret teh! jubrang jinet then jubrang lamig...kulet lang teh? hay! wit ko keri ang ganitey na weathering! maloloka ang fez ko!

naiimbey din ako sa mga madlang people na d makapagpigil ng jutots! kaniney kasi on they way highway to work si watashi, syempre MRT drama nitech dahil wit naman kez anda for carsung or taxibelles, pag sakay ko ng MRT ay teh my jumutot ng bonggang bongga! baktol cheverloo! syempre imbey na kez hala nilabas ko si VS (Victoria Secret) at mega power spray ako with saying

"ano ba nasa MRT na nga di pa nagpigil!"

Keber kung bilat or boyet ang matamaan! bastos lang! MRT nagsabog ng miracle whip of doom? MY GAWD! hay nakez masisira ang aura ni watashi sa ganern! Think happy tots nanaman kez of course!

hay nakey wit mo ako bigyan ng ka-churvahan today baka mashombag kita! haha! jodan dake! ay churi naman japon yun for joke only!

Okay that's it for today with my bekigurl antic!

I think this one is much simpler than my first bekigirl post. ^^,

Have to go now! Thank you so much for your time!

By the way I will be posting reviews soon!

Much Love!

-- Alice

Monday, October 24, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kpop Friday: SNSD's Boys

picture from

Do you like SNSD? I do! 

I like them but not to the point of being a fan girl. Recent news I've heard of them is about their comeback and how their new video entitled "Boys" have garnered more than 2 million views on Youtube. 

They have a more solid base that other girl groups in Korea since they have expanded to Europe. I remember watching TVN's coverage of SM Entertainment's concert in Paris. 

I haven't seen the video of this song yet but I'll sure listen to it soon! 

That's my post on K-pop Friday! 

Its a little shorter than what I normally post. I'll make it up next time :)

Much Love! 

-- Alice

BELLE DE JOUR event ^^,

Ola! Last Sunday I was able to attend the Belle de Jour event on Eastwood. I came around 3pm in which I dreaded to be late, but since its not really a bloggers only event I just made the most out of it haha! 
When I got there I was greeted by a very long line to the entrance. I think it took me 20 minutes just to get to the table. I was given a BDJ passport which actually entitles you to some perks from the event. There were freebies from products like EH and also Carbtrim. There were also games from the ministry of waxing.

The theme for this 2012 is to take flight. It was more of the traveling side and also being organized. I was able to see what the planner looked like in their Facebook page and I was so excited to get one. 

I was more excited with the talks that were on going in the event. I got assigned to Carelle Lee Mangaliag's talk which is about confidence and how to have the drive to move on in life. I was really inspired with her talk and I actually scored a book! haha! There were also raffles that were on going. I wasn't really able to enjoy the event since the speakers in the vicinity were not good so I had to stay within the main tent area just to listen what is happening. I also won something from the event which is a mug from Serenitea! :D 

Mother D Love her talaga! :)
Carelle's talk was inspiring but I think one thing that I have been looking forward more is to seeing Divine Lee in person! OMG I love her! when I saw her in the event I was like "is this really true?" haha! Fan girl mode! haha! I wasn't able to get a picture with her pero promise talaga next time I will take the chance na talaga! :))

I wasn't able to get the planner although it is 20% off that day. Its all good since I had fun. 

There were things that I wasn't able to enjoy that much since there were long lines like the one from Etude House :( 

And my camera screwed up on me. I swear I remembered taking more than 50 pictures for this event, but when I checked my memory card there were only 30+ WTF?!! oh well things like that happen and I have more memory in my head I can share to you :)

Were you able to attend this event too? 

How was your experience? Comment below for your answers and I'll talk to you soon! 

Have a safe weekend! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Thursday, October 20, 2011

BPI Big Outlet and Travel Sale + EPIC FAIL MOMENT

 I am a big shopping addict - when I have the money haha! But I was so thankful when I got invites for the Big BPI outlet and travel sale last Saturday, October 16 on Megatent.

Of course after the event on City Kart Racing, I went here and checked some stuff.

And when I got there I saw a bunch of stuff that are so cheap that I literally just looked at it with awe. They were up to 90% off!

There were different brands that were on sale. There were also online sellers that were there but I was unable to ask a lot because they had a lot of customers.

I was checking out some items that I can buy. There were these cute stuff that were on sale. They were accessories made of shells that are priced at 150 each! usually at malls they would be around 350 or so. I was supposed to buy them but when I checked my wallet...

I forgot to bring my credit card and also my extra cash! 



But any who I had fun looking and checking out items. I swear the next time I would attend this kind of events I would definitely bring money! 


But big thanks to the organizers of the event: Ms. Jean of Malibu Enterprises for the invites

Thanks so much to those that I gave invites

And see you at the next sale!

Much Love!

-- Alice

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Karting at City Kart Racing

I have always dreamed of driving my own car, or maybe just driving.

I thought driving was easy, I was wrong haha! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My jam-packed weekend

Last Saturday and Sunday I was in a lot of events. It was amazing because I was able to meet new people, see new places and also have new experiences I can look back. 
I'll just do a summary in this post. I will be more detailed on the next ones ok? 

First off is last Saturday, October 15, I actually woke up uber early for an event at City Kart Racing. I just thought that it was going to be a showcase of their facilities and also an exhibition from professional drivers. When I got there it was a whole lot more. I actually had a lot of fun in the event. Unfortunately on that day I was suppose to attend the Bloggers Congress at DLSU but I wasn't able to go because of the City Kart Racing event. But any who I'm sure I will be able to attend the Bloggers Congress next time. 

Then on October 16, that was the BDJ or Belle de jour event on Eastwood. I usually go to Eastwood if I just want to roam around and see some cool things I can buy. Honestly I had fun on the event, but for some reason I wasn't able to enjoy it that much.

There was also the BPI outlet and travel sale I went to. Too bad I wasn't able to buy anything because I forgot to bring extra cash. I'm really getting old. 

I really had fun last Saturday! I am definitely checking my schedule for this weekend! 

Any invites? LOL joking! 

I hope you girls also had a great weekend. 

I'll tell you more about last weekend on the next posts so please visit back ok? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wanna win a blackberry curve 9300?

from freeway's facebook page

Ola ladies! 

I seriously would love to have a blackberry so my life would be much easier if you ask me. 

And now I have a solution! I saw this at Freeway's Facebook page and also in twitter and I was hooked.

If you want one too you can join their contest. Simply like their Facebook page and post this line as your status and fill in the blanks

"I want a blackberry 3G from @FreewayOnline because ______________"

Simple right? 

Join now! They will raffle the winner when they reach their 20,000 likes! 

Good Luck! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

K-pop Friday: Huh Gak

picture from

If you watch Superstar K you would probably know this guy. 

His name is Huh Gak and he is the 2nd grand winner of Superstar K. The 2nd competition has actually ended last year and it is now in its 3rd season.

When I was watching him perform, I was amazed because how can a small guy like him be all over the stage? I was astounded by his performance especially when he performed "You give love a bad name" I got goosebumps with his performance.

One of his songs that I really like is 'Always' because his voice is just perfect for it.

I haven't downloaded any songs this month because I have been lazy. Music lovers can get lazy too you know! LOL but above else this song has become a staple in my mp3 when I would like to be sentimental at times.

Speaking of Superstar K be sure to watch it every week! The episodes I've seen are just the auditions which are a mix of shock and laughs from Lee Seung Chul's critiques.

He is way harsh that Simon Cowell I tell you that! But he is not just there to criticize you to make you feel bad but to also hone your skills as a performer. I have seen these kinds of judges since I am also a performer before.

Be sure to watch Superstar K 3 on TVN or Channel V!

Have you also watched this program? What do you think about it?

Let me know on the comment box and I will talk to you soon!

Have a safe weekend!

-- Alice

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fashion Alert: Fall/Winter 2011 trends

I know its another fall report and girls would be telling me 

"Alice there is no fall or autumn and either winter season here in the Philippines!"

I know that ladies but I think some of the things in these trends would still fit in our climate. Especially since it has been raining nowadays. 

Here are the things that I've seen on Runways of Chanel, D&G and among others. I'm only going to feature 3 trends.

Lets start!

1. Color

Since the weather is a bit colder you might thing that neutrals and reserve colors are in right...well not exactly. As to what I have seen brighter colors are on this season. From Betsey Johnson to Missoni brighter hues are in. Choose from crimson, neon orange, purple, sky blue and others bright hues to liven up your mood.

2. Chunky Knitted top

If you are opting to be stylish and be comfortable at the same time go for a chunky knitted top. I've seen Missoni and Michael Kors with these on their collections and I absolutely adore them.

3. (Fake) Fur and Leather.

I have seen and felt real fur and leather but the thought of wearing them scares me to death. If you want to opt for this 2 trends go faux ok? I've seen Zac Posen, Gucci and Versace working these.

Well those are the trends I have seen.

These can be used one at a time only. Choose what you think suits you and rock it.

Much love!

-- Alice

Pictures that were posted in this blog is not owned by the author. Credits to the owner.

Product Review: Sophie Martin's Perfect Skin Foaming Cleanser

Ola ladies!

I have another review for y'all!

I have been holding these products for a review because I have been busy so much but I promise this coming days I'll be posting in more as in more reviews! haha!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Product Review: Human Heart Nature All Natural Feminine Wash


Taking care of our feminine area is like next to taking care of our make up...That's what I think. I usually buy products that are not only good for our self but also good for our wallet.   

I found it in this little bottle right here! ^^,  
According to the website:
Feel fresh as a summer breeze! Formulated to match the body's natural pH and enriched with aloe Vera and chamomile extracts to cleanse and freshen without irritating your sensitive skin.

 Its consistency is a watery gel-like which is kind of different from the ones I've tried before. I can't really described the scent of it. But I like that it does not really harm our feminine area. 

 This product comes in a 50ml and a 200ml bottle. I got the 50ml as a gift from another blogger when I had my giveaway then. 

What I like:
- Really cheap! 50ml for 59.75 while the 200ml is 159.75
- Proudly Filipino made. 
- Does not have icky or overwhelming scent. 
- Does not have side effects on my feminine area. 

What I don't like about it: 

None so far.


Its a must buy! 
This product is perfect for sensitive skin and it has a little cooling effect when your washing it.
And also this is made in the Philippines which means that materials for this product are also from our resources ^^, 

Will I repurchase? 

Of course! once I've finished this bottle I will repurchase the bigger one. 

Who do I recommend this?

I would recommend this if you would like to experience an all natural feminine wash that is solely made in the Philippines. 

That's my review for today! 

I'll have more reviews to come! 

Much love! 

-- Alice 

NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with the company and the brand that was featured in this review nor was I paid to do this review. All things stated in the review are solely my opinions

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Product Review: Sophie Paris Refreshing Mask in Green Tea and Apple

Ola Ladies! 
It has been a while since I did a review post! I am just really jammed with work that I forgot to sit down and do these haha! 

With all the stress, pollution and kinda (?) bad eating habits my skin had become dead. Usually I would apply my clay mask ONLY when I have a red bump I want to disappear. This one though is a peel off mask in which I have to wait say...15-20 minutes or up until it completely dries off then take it off. 

I had one of these before but its from Japan. I can't remember the name because its been years since I last used that! LOL 

But I'm definitely sure its not the same with Sophie Paris because it has more of a green scent than apple and tea. ^^, 
I've used this for a couple of times now so here's my review

What I like:
1. Does not have stinging sensation unlike my clay mask.
2. Had lessen whiteheads and blackheads
3. Gives a refreshing feel to the skin after you use it. 

What I don't like:
1. The price - 155 for 60ml? 
2. Not available locally, you have to contact a sophie paris lady for this. 
3. Kinda hurts when you take it off. 
4. Its messy to apply. 


I know the odds had won this time, but its a pretty good product. I works well but the price just threw me away. 

Would I repurchase? 

Maybe, I'd like to try their variant for oily skin. 

Have you tried this product? What do you think about it? 

Let me know on the comment box below and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much love! 

-- Alice 

NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with the company and the brand that was featured in this review nor was I paid to do this review. All things stated in the review are solely my opinions

Monday, October 10, 2011

Life of Beki-girl

batang gusgusin anonymous! LOL

Okay before I begin speaking in a language I have been speaking since I was 8...YES PEOPLE I have been in contact with Beckys since I was a kid so speaking their language is really easy for me. I only speak minimal becky so that other people might still be able to understand me. 
(Okay going back)
Before I begin, this post was inspired when me and Myrted of Love Skin Best were talking via twitter and I spoke to her in becky in like 70% of the time and she suggested this to me! so yah I did it. haha! madaling mauto sorry naman! choz!

To my non-beki speaking or foreign friends I'm really sorry but the language translator would just confuse you if you translate this blog post. You just have to go to my other blogposts for your reading preference ok?

so lets begin!

nagsimula ako mag-ispluk ng becky nung 8 jers old si watashi. nuon witchels ako ideachina bout din. ay teh kaloka boomboom ako nung jinuturuan akechiwa ng 2nd mudra ko na bekibelles all the way. nung una nitech,itech at waley lang ang nijuro skenchina ni beki-mudra pero nung naglaon ay self-juro nalang si watashi.

for my own mudrabelles keri lang na mag beki beki ako sa balur kse najintindihan namanchina nila itey. yung brother dear ko lang d makajintindi xe d niya tripsung daw. witchels daw niya betchicola na may sisteret sya half beki half bilat. pero na-keri na rin ni brother dear sa gusto key..

okay ka pa ba teh? haha! kaka-ispluk ko ditey baka may red ocean na over there ah. hinga muna before victor basa again ok?

nung high school si akez nag-istop muna akechiwa sa pag-ispluk ko ng beki because I study in a christian school. baka majisip ng mga madlang people na going crazy na kez haha! pero nag return of the comeback naman kez nung college. wichels naman maxado beki sa school ko so wiz dn ako maka ispluk...hay how sad my life tlga!

4 years ang nag fly aun mejo nag iba si watashi. more of the english languachina na kineribel hilson! haha! wit pa rin naman na-forgetsung ang 2nd language ko which is Becky!.

o xa stop na nten ditey baka makasuhan pa ako ng manslaughter sa dami ng dugo na nawala sa inyo LOL

okay go back tayo sa english in 

Okay so I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. It was hard for me to speak in beki here because I know you girls are so used to me speaking in English...if you want to see more of this comment below and I'll try to do this once in a while.

Much Love!

-- Alice

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Giveaway alert: Join Bing Castro's first ever Awesome Birthday Giveaway!

Join Bing Castro's First Birthday Giveaway! 

For more info click here 

Much love! 

-- Alice

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kpop Fridays: Rain's enlistment to the army

photo credits to

When I first heard the news I was shocked because I thought Rain has already served in the army. 

And now that I think about it. I have been a kpop fan girl for almost 10 years already! Me and Rain had something in common! Idol's Parallel Theory?!?! LOL 

My mom is one of Rain's fans and she has been in a "denial stage" about it. Believe me, my mom is the type of person that is as stubborn as a rock when it comes to what she thinks. Now I know where my stubbornness came from! LOL 
It was said his enlistment date is on the 11th of October and not really sure though where he will be assigned.


He will be back after 2 years. I will be waiting for his comeback! 

My message to Rain:

You may not know me personally, but as a fan I really appreciate all your hard work to make every performance as perfect as possible. I wish you all the best in the army and keep safe always ok oppa? 


Now that I think about it, I have seen Rain's transformation. 

Can't wait to see him in 2 years! 


Question of the day: Do you also love Rain? How do you feel about his enlistment? 

Would love to see your comments below! Much love!

Much Love! 

-- Alice

The BPI BIG Outlet & Travel Sale 2011 winners!


Here are the winners of passes for the Big outlet and travel sale this October 14-16!!!! 

Jaime Milcah y. Sotto

Gracie Fallarme

Kristine Roces 

I'll be emailing you girls for your Full Names and who you will be bringing to the event ok? 

Watch out for more sale alerts! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

The Friendly Ladies at Ministop Pearl Drive

Happy Friday Ladies! 

I know you have been waiting for my weekly Kpop Friday post! Don't worry I will put it up in a bit. 

But for now I will just commend these beautiful and pretty ladies over at Ministop Pearl Drive here in Ortigas! 

I actually work near this establishment so I frequently visit this place to grab food or just check out things. I know its weird but who cares! Pft! But 'nuf said I am a regular here LOL 

A while ago I went there to actually just pay my bills since they also process those. Of course being a curious bunny as I am I say this little card at the cash register and asked what its for. Its actually a promo that they have on their sundaes. If you want to know more about that you can go here

So while they were helping other customers too, the girl who was processing my payment was really nice to tell me more and also chatted up with me. I wasn't in a hurry so its not really a biggie. 

After I paid my bills I was suppose to head out when I saw another promo that they have about their fried chickens. I did not eat anything during breakfast because I woke up at 10am today so I wasn't able to grab a bite of my ham and egg sandwich :( so I was damn hungry! LOL 

taken from my food/travel blog

I asked about the chicken promo and I immediately got the 2pc one for only 120 php! OMG the size of those chickens are even too much for me! LOL 

but any who I really like it! 

Kudos to the ladies at Ministop Pearl Drive here at Ortigas! Really Friendly and they would surely liven up your mood ^^, 

If you want to see the promos you can head on to my food/travel blog 

and I will talk to you later! 

Much love! 

-- Alice

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A girl can dream

Ola ladies! 

No the title isn't about unrequited love! LOL 

I have been dreaming of getting this laptop for me and my videos. And also of course to use for my blog. 

The price is so overwhelming I really wanna cry...NOT! LOL. 

I want to own this mainly for the reason of my youtube videos. I like Imovie and its editing capabilities OH how I wish for one! 

I hope someone would hear my prayers *cough KUYA cough* 


No way my brother would buy me this! haha! But I have been nudging him to check this out. And I swear even if I have to clean his room to pay for it I will! HAHA! but seriously if that means not giving me any present for 2 years just for a laptop is okay for me.

I have a 4 brothers and a sister. But there is only 1 sibling that I have been nudging to buy me this. And that is my kuya Alvin. We actually don't get along when we were younger. We just started to co-habit peacefully....wait ANO DAW!?!? LOL 

Sorry for the tagalog words for my non-tagalog speaking readers. I do have a translator at the side bar if you want to understand this fully. 

(going back) We started getting along pretty well when I have finished college and started working. I know its pretty late to be close to my brother but that's how we are. 

My brother knows a lot about technology more than I do so I trust him to get me a great or maybe a good gadget to use. 

I won't show a picture of my brother here for his safety. I heard he is quite popular with the ladies....SERIOUSLY!?!? LOL 

I really hope he buys me this or even the second best camera for my videos...My vodaphone is starting to give up on me. :(

But if all else fails and he won't give me that for my birthday I will just have to save up my money for it. Haha! dun din pala yung bagsak LOL! :))

Okay that's it for today's blog. 

If you do have questions please go to the comment box.

Talk to you soon! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trend Alert: Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Ola ladies! 

Since I live in the Philippines, we don't have fall and winter. But we can still follow the trends right? haha!

'nuf said these are some of the trends that I have seen on runways and online as well. I am no expert in this area, so if there is some error please do forgive me okay?

Lets start!

radiant nude make up

This is never out of the fall season if you ask me. This actually accentuates our natural beauty.  So its best to rock your natural beauty this fall.

vampy and bloody lips

I have seen vamp lips on almost all the make up videos I have been watching lately. I think vamp lips is a trend because of the weather and that seasonal change. I have tried this look before and honestly it made me look like all the colors in my face came right down to my lips. Its pretty funny if you think about it.

Thick eyebrow
natural beauty actually is the trend this fall so I think we can stop obsessing plucking or threading our brows thin for a change. just make sure to brush some clear mascara over it so it will still look groomed and defined.

varicolored smoked eyes
I actually haven't tried this trend but it seems it has become a bit popular.The color that I've seen used more often for this is purple.Sorry girls no picture for this :(

This is something I really liked since I have manage to work the winged liner look.

Orange eye make up
I have seen this color so much on Fashion shows on Fashion TV and I'm like OHMAYGAWD that color is so gorgeous! I swear autumnal orange colors with a little pink is awesome! I just can't stop raving about it haha!

There you have it. All the make up trends of Fall/Winter 2011. I should advise you girls that these are just trends. What is more important is how you work it.

What Make up trend would you like to try out?

let me know on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon.

Much Love!

-- Alice

ps. all pictures posted here are not owned by the writer. Credits to all the owners of the pictures.

A Teacher's Life according to me

credits to the owner

Being a teacher is not just something that you get your income from, but more of a life-changing experience for you and your student. 

I am a teacher - an online English teacher that is. I have learned to keep my cool when I have a very tough student. 

I teach English to Koreans over the phone which doubles the stress because you won't be able to give them visuals other than the book that was given to them. 

I can say there are times I hate my job, there are times that I appreciate it. I hate it in the sense that it seems my students are not even absorbing what I am trying to teach them. I have students that have a lot of determination in learning the English language, and I really love them for that. I may not see them but I make them feel that I appreciate their effort to study English. 

I have one student that I really despised (despised talaga teh?) before because he would not even respond to me. I won't say his name in this blog. One day I told him that I believe he is good and he can learn more in our class, all he needs to do is to try. And you know what on our next lesson he read the story by himself. I nearly cried when he was reading it. I was so overwhelmed because he was has believed in himself that he can do it. It was not perfect intonation and pronunciation wise but I can feel that he was really trying. 
Students like this make me work more everyday. I may not be the perfect teacher at time, but I made sure that they learn on our and have fun too.

I am a teacher and a student too. I teach my students the English language while I learn how to be patient and also how to communicate with them in Korean and their culture. 

Happy Teacher's Day for all! 

Have you greeted your teacher today? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Design Change! Like it?


I have been thinking of changing the design of my blog for some time now and I've finally decided to do that! 

I really like the original layout but I decided I need to amp it up a bit. I added this posh background. I usually see this pattern on some videos I watch on youtube. 

Please do let me know what you think of these design

If its okay or not so I can try to look for more. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Monday, October 3, 2011

Too many phones? Not really! ^^,

My phones is ARE like another part of my body that I cannot live without. 

Besides from the usual call and text feature it has, 2 of my phones also have camera features which enables me to take good quality pictures. Most of those pictures are the ones that you see on my blog.

Mostly that is the main factor when I look for a new phone. It has to have capabilities of a camera like the megapixels and also the resolution. 

My most love phone is actually on the biggest one since it has a greater megapixel quality than my other flip phone. That phone is actually a DOCOMO phone which I only use for selcam (self camera) pictures. 

What do you love about your phone? 

Let me know on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon!

My Addictions: MTV's Awkward

Happy Monday Ladies! 

Have you ever felt like you did not fit in during high school and you just want the ground swallow you because it seems everything that you do is so embarrassing? That is what I felt when I was in high school.
When I was in high school I did not fit in that much, I was just....there. 

Besides my Jersey Shore - Yes I watch it even if its just a group of guys and girls that don't even make sense and would like to cuddle with everybody and just party all night, I have also been addicted to another show named Awkward. 

From the title itself, you know its not just another program. This tackles the life of Jenna Hamilton who got into an accident which everyone thought she has suicidal tendencies. She was named "That Girl" which apparently she doesn't want to be defined the rest of her life. 

The story is like any other teenage story, almost everyone goes through this - Even I did. 

One thing though that separates me from Jenna's life is that she has a very very complicated relationship with Matty, The school's jock. 

I didn't really had a boyfriend that was in the same school as I am. It will be less drama if you ask me. 

The reason why I am so addicted in watching this show is its funny, without being over the top. It still tackles the common problems of every teenager nowadays. Wow that was hard to swallow. 

But any who, even if you are not in your teenage years you can still check this out and relate to Jenna's problems. 
This is shown every Sunday on MTV at 11pm Manila Time. 

Question of the day: 
Have you seen this show? Can you relate with Jenna's situation? 

Comment down and I'll talk to you soon! 

Oh by the way don't forget to join my mini giveaway click here to know more! 

Much love! 

-- Alice

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Product Review: Clinique Derma White City Block

Ola! This is my review of the Clinique Derma White city block. Before I begin with this review I would just like to say that I am not related to any product that I review and also opinions are based on my experiences, I am not forcing anyone to buy or not buy it. It is your choice to try it for yourself. 

I believe this product was launched in the Philippines at around May 2011 but I was able to avail of this from Shen's Clinique Party. 

I am very excited to try this when I got it because I need a good make up base for better make up application. So when I got this I immediately used this because I had so many events to go to and I need my make up to last on those event. 

According to the Clinique consultant that assisted me, you can use this product as a make up base or just use it alone. And I thought "Like a BB cream?" YES! I am a K-pop fan girl and I have been eyeing those BB creams here in Manila but can't seem to buy them at the moment. Okay going off topic now! :))

So going back, This product worked fine during the day. Pore coverage wise and also oil control was good. I oiled up at around 4-5 hours after application. Touch up was minimal if you ask me. I am a type 3 which is oily-combination skin. 

The product gives you a sheer to medium coverage with like a semi-matte finish, it depends on how much product you put in. If you want more coverage you can just apply your foundation. This has a brightening effect

This has SPF 40 which is great when you are out in the sun, I actually get exposed more to the UV rays of my computer which is also harmful. 

This product did however gave me break outs which is a little saddening because I really like this. I would see a new pimple in my face at the end of the day. You can just imagine the sadness I felt. 

Price-wise this product is quite steep. For a 30ml tube that costs 2,045 php (approx 46.86 USD) that is quite expensive. But you are actually getting your moneys worth if you ask me, but then the size is not worth it for me because I wear make up everyday if possible.

So lets get to the lowdown ok?

- A little of this products goes a long way
- Evens out my skin for better make up application.
- Has SPF 40
- Multi-function product. You can use it alone or as a make up base
- Has no funky smell.
- Good pore coverage and oil control

- Pricey
- Gave me break outs :(

My Verdict:
I like this product so much I tell you! but because this made me break out at the end of the day it makes me sad to say no.

Who I would recommend to?
I can recommend this to oily/combination girls, but be a little careful. This has a brightening effect but its actually okay for some, for some its a different case.

Would I purchase this?
I would if this didn't gave me the little bumps. I'm just so sad to say no to a clinique product because I love Clinique! :(

Hope you like this review for today.

More reviews coming!

Here's the video version by the way

Much Love!

-- Alice

NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with the company and the brand that was featured in this review nor was I paid to do this review. All things stated in the review are solely my opinions
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