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Monday, September 12, 2011

Splash Mountain Experience + Weekend with the girls! :)

 Ola Ladies! 

This post is actually a week late due to the same reasons (WORK!) haha! 

But nonetheless I still have it up now :) 

I actually have been raving about this trip a week before that weekend because the last time I went to a hotspring resort was back in 2008 so I am in that child-like excitement mode that no one can get me out of. 

And for the first time me and my friend are complete for this trip! Usually its just me, Michelle, and Danica. But now its me, Michelle, Danica AND Marica! Yey! 

 This post is a little photo-heavy so please forgive me :)

We left Manila at around 8:30am-9am. We made a stop-over at a gas station in SLEX where we picked up some KFC for lunch and also dropped by Starbucks for some morning drinks. I got a mocha frappuchino. Marica got mango passion fruit. Danica had Cafe Latte. Michelle got Chocolate frappuchino.  

My Frap

Mango Passion Fruit yumyum!

Cafe Latte

We also went to buy some chips later on our trip. We are just going to stay overnight but we went and picked up some food in case we get hungry ^_^

And guess what when we left it suddenly rained. The weather was so unpredictable that day. One moment its bright and sunny, then it would be gloomy and rainy. 

see? its rainy!!! :))

Our Starbucks Treats would like to say Hi! ^_^ 

Thankfully when we arrived at the resort its not rainy. We arrived at 11:07am then just waited a few minutes to get our reservations. We ate the KFC bucket meal we picked up at our room. Then after that some of my friends took a nap due to exhaustion while me and my other friend just watched Game of Thrones. 

Check out our room! :D

At around 2pm we went down and had a dip in the pool. When we got there no one was in the pool. As in NO ONE. It was funny because we thought the pool would be packed with people since its been drizzling then. 

This is my travel buddy! Will definitely do another post on this. 

We do have pictures when we were in the pool but its not in my camera. I will just have to wait for my friend to upload hers on Facebook. 

We enjoyed the hot springs up until 1am. It was really refreshing. 

We went to sleep at around 2am. Then we woke up at around 9am. Usually when I wake up at that time I feel sluggish and would just say '5 more minutes' But I actually felt revived. I think this is because I was so darn exhausted swimming that it made me really tired haha!

Of course we went downstairs to eat breakfast. The last time I was in Splash Mountain they actually did not have this area. We had to walk to another part of the resort to eat our breakfast. The ambiance is really relaxing. You can also opt to eat outside. Besides the dining area there was this very pretty space just beside it. I think you can hold a wedding ceremony in there because it has that romantic feel into it.  

I turned pink! haha! not really

I actually ordered an American Breakfast which is actually Bread with jam or butter, Bacon, some veggies and egg, for drinks I only had coffee. I was still on a diet so I opted for no rice. I remember the last time we were there I ordered their pancakes which were phenomenal! :) 

Now you see it

Now you don't! Haha!

My friends ordered some Filipino based breakfast like Tocino and Daing. Marica and Danica had some Orange Juice which unfortunately wasn't fresh. 

Marica's Breakfast! :)

Danica's Breakfast
After Breakfast we went and roamed around the resort before we went to the other pools the resort offers. 

Here are some of the pictures

The reception area where we stayed

sorry for this shot. Btw this is the souvenir shop

Our room! :D
We actually left the resort around 1pm. It was so sad to leave a great place. 

On the way back we stopped over again in SLEX for some lunch. We had lunch on Pizza Hut. We picked the 99 peso meals. Sorry I forgot what it was haha! But it was very yummy! :)

I had ceasar salad 

and some chili con carne pasta. Which is not chili in anyway :))

We also had some yummy food before heading back to Manila. I will definitely be back on Splash Mountain.

A quick Review on Splash Mountain. 

Their service is good. All their employees are very nice. The food is good, but I suggest for next time is to serve fresh orange juice. Not all their pools are available to use on off season though :( Especially their slides. I will go back for that! :)) The hotspring are great. 

Over all verdict...a great place to relax by yourself or with someone special or with your friends! 

Will I go back? Yes! Will definitely go back for more! :D

If you would like to know more about their rates and facilities check out their website

Have you visited this resort too? Tell me your latest escapade so far

And I'll talk to you soon! 

Now I leave you with a little conversation I had with Bumblebee and a video I made from our trip!

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


Myrted said... [Reply]

Wow you definitely had a nice time with your girlfriends! :) Lovely trip. :D

herroyalbleakness said... [Reply]

It's nice of you to share your getaway, Alice! Luv your Starbucks frap :D

Issa said... [Reply]

wow, ang saya naman nito! :)

gerilen elinessete said... [Reply]

i especially love the room! parang rooms sa intercon. classy!

and gurl, ang cute ng travel buddy mo! will wait for your post about it.. :)

btw, do you wear make up pag nasa pool? :D

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ myrted -- thanks for dropping by! :)

@ herroyalbleakness -- Thanks! :)

@ Issa -- Sobra! You've got to check it out for yourself ^_^

@ Gerilen -- super ganda talaga ng rooms. One down part though is they don't have those free shampoos. They only have soaps :)) Will def do a travel essentials post soon :) I actually don't wear make up sa pool. The only thing I put in my face is sunblock and also a lipbalm ^_^

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