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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Product Review: Clinique Derma White City Block

Ola! This is my review of the Clinique Derma White city block. Before I begin with this review I would just like to say that I am not related to any product that I review and also opinions are based on my experiences, I am not forcing anyone to buy or not buy it. It is your choice to try it for yourself. 

I believe this product was launched in the Philippines at around May 2011 but I was able to avail of this from Shen's Clinique Party. 

I am very excited to try this when I got it because I need a good make up base for better make up application. So when I got this I immediately used this because I had so many events to go to and I need my make up to last on those event. 

According to the Clinique consultant that assisted me, you can use this product as a make up base or just use it alone. And I thought "Like a BB cream?" YES! I am a K-pop fan girl and I have been eyeing those BB creams here in Manila but can't seem to buy them at the moment. Okay going off topic now! :))

So going back, This product worked fine during the day. Pore coverage wise and also oil control was good. I oiled up at around 4-5 hours after application. Touch up was minimal if you ask me. I am a type 3 which is oily-combination skin. 

The product gives you a sheer to medium coverage with like a semi-matte finish, it depends on how much product you put in. If you want more coverage you can just apply your foundation. This has a brightening effect

This has SPF 40 which is great when you are out in the sun, I actually get exposed more to the UV rays of my computer which is also harmful. 

This product did however gave me break outs which is a little saddening because I really like this. I would see a new pimple in my face at the end of the day. You can just imagine the sadness I felt. 

Price-wise this product is quite steep. For a 30ml tube that costs 2,045 php (approx 46.86 USD) that is quite expensive. But you are actually getting your moneys worth if you ask me, but then the size is not worth it for me because I wear make up everyday if possible.

So lets get to the lowdown ok?

- A little of this products goes a long way
- Evens out my skin for better make up application.
- Has SPF 40
- Multi-function product. You can use it alone or as a make up base
- Has no funky smell.
- Good pore coverage and oil control

- Pricey
- Gave me break outs :(

My Verdict:
I like this product so much I tell you! but because this made me break out at the end of the day it makes me sad to say no.

Who I would recommend to?
I can recommend this to oily/combination girls, but be a little careful. This has a brightening effect but its actually okay for some, for some its a different case.

Would I purchase this?
I would if this didn't gave me the little bumps. I'm just so sad to say no to a clinique product because I love Clinique! :(

Hope you like this review for today.

More reviews coming!

Here's the video version by the way

Much Love!

-- Alice

NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with the company and the brand that was featured in this review nor was I paid to do this review. All things stated in the review are solely my opinions


EveryDay Makeup blog said... [Reply]

awww... man...this sounded like the perfect base until you said it made you break out :(

Great review though and I'm sure other women can benefit from this.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

awww.. bad!
sorry to hear about the break-out..
not all clinique products-- works with me though..
i'll try to skip this one..
thanks for sharing!

jenny07_tm said... [Reply]

yay~ thankyou for sharing~ :)
how did you treat your breakout?

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ everyday make up blog -- Thanks for dropping by ^^,

@Diane -- okay thanks for dropping by :) I was really sad when I broke out because of this because a lot of clinique product works for me...I guess this is the first one..

@Jenny07_tm -- thanks for dropping by! I actually just wash my face and also apply a pimple cream so the pimple will dry out ^^ Luckily it did ^^,

just Jennifer :3 said... [Reply]

awww so sad that it looked perfect in the beginning but in the end it gave you breakouts hmm :I i have dry skin, so this isnt working for me too unfortunately Ox

Aya said... [Reply]

It sounds like a nice product. Too bad it causes you to break out. I haven't tried Clinique products yet coz of the price. :]

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