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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kpop Fridays: Korean Make up Routine

Have you ever wondered how Korean girls' skin 
 look so good that you would think they don't have make up on?

That's where you are wrong sister! They do have make up on! :))

Its all in proper skin care and also make up application! 

I got these information partly from Google and also my Korean students. I also learned that it takes them approximately 20 minutes to apply make up. My first reaction was "Huwaaat!?!" but its really true.

According to one of my students, one thing to achieve that "no make up look" for them is to simply take your time in applying your make up and also have a good base. Here is the usual method that they do in applying make up

Preparation: Primer + make-up base -- This is to correct your skin tone
Foundation (or BB cream)
Conceal imperfection -- concealer (but if you have applied BB Cream I think you can skip this step)
Setting: Set and fix foundation with powder or pact -- By the way pact is a shorter term for compact powder. Apparently most women in Korea loves compacts for touch ups.
 -- This is to enhance our facial assets. Mostly they apply highlight on their cupid's bow, on their brows, their cheeks and the bridge of their nose. 
Eye brow
Eye shadow

That is just their make up routine. If we add their skin care routine, you would be amazed haha! 

Another thing I got from my students is that its really essential for them to have a good skin care routine, that means they have to at least put face masks on twice a week and they like to use products that has whitening benefits. I don't know why they like to use whitening products but it sure looks good on them haha! 

For those that would like to try this kind of technique in their make up, one word of advice though, don't go overboard with the highlighter. 

Have you tried this method? What do you think about it? 

Comment below for your answers 

And have a great weekend everyone! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

P.S. I do not own the pictures shown. Credit to the owners of the pictures.


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