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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Updates Updates Updates!

Sorry girls I haven't been updating you for like 4 days.  *gasp*

life has been a bitch with me lately for some reason. 

Speaking of that, guess what? I got a into some trouble! Haha! WTF?!?!

It's not even my fault but I'm the one to be blamed. All I can say to that is whatever! I know what is true and someone above us also knows it.  So let's just get it over with!

That's what I sometimes hate, is when people assume things and make things up just to bring you down. That is so effin bad don't you think? but even so it has happened already and I can't change that. 

By the way I'll be resuming my daily posts in a couple of days since I have to do some major editing with my youtube videos. I have a lot of in store for you all so be sure to check this site and also my youtube account every now and then. 

So how has your week been so far? 

Has it been good? Bad? or just bitchy? 

Let me know! Lets talk! 

Drop me a message on twitter 

or here!
Much Love! 

-- Alice


Thanks Kikay Trekkie for the heads up! :)


Anonymous said... [Reply]

not so well with me, I don’t have a Yaya to help me take care of my baby now. Her husband had a heart attack. I’m so sorry and sad for her, and I’m worried too- that she might not be able to come back soon.
I hope she can.

hope everything goes well with you hun! take care ^^

Photoescape said... [Reply]

Thank you for dropping by sis! Don't worry too much dear. I do hope you can find a yaya for your baby as soon as possible. You take care too! :)

gerilen elinessete said... [Reply]

cant wait for your next vid! :D
keep ur cool alice..
life is boring w/o problems..
hehe so enjoy being stress.. :D

Manilenya Mom said... [Reply]

And what have you gotten yourself into? :p

My days have been good, and yes there were bad vibes too, but to hell with them, you know...

i listen to katy perry's fireworks was it? to perk me up lol

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ gerilen -- ur ryt! :) thanks for dropping by :)

@ Manilenya mom -- well... I'll tell you more on FB! :D

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