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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Slimmer for the Better + Updates

From my confession post :)

I have been overweight ever since I stepped into high school. It must be because of the hormones and genes that I have. I have experienced to be slim and I like it, but its very hard to maintain it because you really have to restrain yourself from what your taste buds really like. 

This was me 2 years ago

I admit I’ve let myself go to eat anything I want to. I kind of feel bad about it because the consequence is tough. I had to face a lot of criticism and also the teasing that comes with it. Now I am back on track to be a healthier person.

I still eat the food that I love, but I take it in moderation. I also have a rule about eating junk food, if I drank a glass of soda now that will be the only soda intake I will have for the week. I drink more water now since its better. 

This is me last May

Besides from choosing healthier eating habits, I also try to be more active in moving. I would actually take the longer route on my way home so I can walk more. I also play with my dogs more since they also need the exercise.  I’m actually planning on buying one of my dogs a leash so I can take her outside.

I also laugh more since they say laughter lessens your stress which can also slim you down. Weird but true.
The reason why I want to slim down is for health reasons. My dad had diabetes which also puts us in danger of having one too if me and my brothers keep up on our old habits. 

I’ve actually stopped doing yoga because whenever I do my yoga sessions at home my niece and my nephew would just disturb my inner peace.  I’ve become a weight lifter because of them. Those two really like me to carry them around the house.

I haven’t weighed myself to know how much I’ve lost but we’ll get to that next week haha!

 Another Update! 
I have actually started saving up for my birthday gift so I think you girls won’t be seeing any hauls at the moment. I just hope I’ll be able to save up for at least a good quality digital camera. 

The long shot wish I can buy with my money is a Mac Air. Mac Air is cheaper and lighter than Mac Pro so I’ll settle with that.  

I think the last haul I will be doing is the Etude house Haul and also some bazaars I will be attending in October or November.  In terms of the requests, please do forgive me if I haven’t done your requests, I have been really busy with work and also personal matters so I wasn’t able to do them immediately. I will try to post them up within this October and November that’s for sure

If you do have questions you can comment below or drop me a message at my twitter account (!/ytphotoescape) and I’ll talk to you soon.

Much Love!



Anonymous said... [Reply]

nice blog...
im a new follower pls follow me back..join my blog giveaway

Rosamond Kim said... [Reply]

I really like your rules about food! Congratulations for taking care of your health. I know it takes a lot of hard work.

Glenn Encinares said... [Reply]

We have the same issue I also have those extra pound in my body. Yes it really take time to get slimmer and lot of hard work too.

I understand your busy, I'll still wait for your next post :)

Take care
Glenn of Gencified

gerilen elinessete said... [Reply]

you motivate me more to stick on my diet hehe the no rice no pasta is sO hard to maintain! i hope mareach natin ang ating mga health goals.. :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ashley --thank you for dropping by. I've followed back :)

@rosamond kim -- thank you! it is really hard but I can see the difference little by little ^_^

@Glenn-- grabe hirap no? pero I make it as fun as possible so I won't get bored and quit haha! :))

@gerilen -- aww thank you! I know its very hard talaga pero don't work out yourself too much to lose them ayt? I hope by january I'll be 30 lbs slimmer! :)

Issa said... [Reply]

i've been trying to lose weight too! grabe, ang hirap talaga! good luck to us sis :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thanks for sharing this hun!
i'm trying to lose weight din.. gained much from my pregnancy.. and true, it's really hard! uggh.. i manage to lessen my rice intake 1cup only sometimes less..
but i can't control my sweets intake =(( i can eat 2 slices of cake. i love sodas and i need machiatto or any frap in a day. i know how it feels.. thanks again for the helpful tips hun!
anyway, we can do that! goodluck to us!

gerilen elinessete said... [Reply]

@alice- cheers to that mate! :)

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