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Friday, September 30, 2011

Kpop Friday: Shampoo by AfterSchool

Happy Friday! 

Okay last week I talked about Afterschool Red's song In the night sky. The K-pop song I'll be featuring now is called Shampoo. 

If you look at the English translation of this song its actually not mentioning the exact word shampoo..okay maybe once, but when you go deeper into the song you will see that it is about.

It has that princess-like feel if you listen to it. This is a teeny-bopper for me if you ask me. It basically reminds me of Secret's Starlight Moonlight without the cheesy lines haha! 

My over all verdict for this song is its a great tune to listen to feel good and have that "in love" feeling. 

Here is the English translations taken from Kpopsubber from youtube
I want to become shampoo, flowing down your hair
I want to cover you with my thick scent
If you used to like other scents, erase them now
I’ll make you drunk with all the scents in the world that don’t exist
If you, star-star-star, ever make me sad
I’ll make your eyes sting
But if you, start-star-star, make me happy
I can cover your whole body so the mirror can’t see you
I’m going to cover your whole body with white foam
I’m going to bury myself in you so no one else can take you
You can’t erase my scent
The first time I saw you, I hated the scent surrounding you
Now forget everything, I only want to bury my scent
The moment my lips say “I love you,” it’s the end
The moment you fell for me, even one second’s too long
Tick tock, you talk, we talk
Time is going by and my heart’s going to burst
I hate myself when I’m like this
If you, star-star-star, ever make me sad
I’ll make your eyes sting
But if you, start-star-star, make me happy
I can cover your whole body so the mirror can’t see you
I’m going to cover your whole body with white foam
I’m going to bury myself in you so no one else can take you
You can’t erase my scent
I want everyday-everyday, I love this moment
When we touch it’s a fantasy
When your wind blows I get swept away by it
Tears wash me, my heart is drilled, I’ll be your scent
Obvious scent goodbye, obvious love goodbye
Only my scent forever
If you hurt me, if you make me sad
I’ll make your eyes sting
I’m going to bury myself in you so no one else can take you
You can’t erase my scent
If you hurt me, if you make me sad
I’ll make your eyes sting
I’m going to bury myself in you so no one else can take you
You can’t erase my scent
But if you, start-star-star, make me happy
I can cover your whole body so the mirror can’t see you
I’m going to cover your whole body with white foam

Here's the MV
Do you like this song too? 

Let me know on the comment box! ^^,

Also join my mini giveaway! click here

Have a safe weekend! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sale Alert! : Welcome to The BIG Outlet & Travel Sale 2011+ a surprise for y'all ^^,


Are you looking for the best deals on hotels, resorts, and airfare but you don't know where to look? 

The Big Outlet and Travel sale is my answer for you! 

This coming October 14-16, From 10am to 9pm you can get up to 90% off on selected merchandise + book and buy promos on hotels, resorts and airfare.

You can buy from brands like Ipanema, Levi's, Rudy Project, Crumpler,, Hush Puppies, Melissa, Adidas, Puma, Devant, Nike, Accel, Giordano Ladies, Digital Walker, Ideal Vision, and many many more!

Also get discounted deals from AirPhil Express, Microtel Philippines, The Tides Hotel Boracay, Movenpick Resort & Spa Cebu, Las Casas Filipinas, One Tagaytay Place, Hotel Elizabeth, Fersal Hotel and so much more!

If you are a BPI Express Credit Edge, BPI Petron Mastercard  get free entrance to this event. You just need to show your BPI card an a valid ID. Cardholders will have a chance to win great prizes in the hourly raffle draws and a chance to win Sun Cellular post-paid line and Mobile Phones!
Don't fret for non-cardholders and my readers too ^_^

 I'm giving away 3 sets of tickets to this event.  I realized that going into an event alone is boring. So I'll be giving 2 tickets so you can bring a friend.

All you have to do is comment on this article with your name and email address.

If you like additional 2 entries you can tweet this blog in this format

"I want to join @ytphotoescape in the BIG travel and outlet sale this Oct !4-16!"

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" I want to join in the BIG travel and outlet sale with Alice of photoescape this Oct !4-16! "

I will choose the 3 winners via 

This ends on October 7 so hurry!

If you want to know more you can visit their Facebook page

I'd love to see you girls there!

Thank you Malibu Enterprise! :)

Much Love!

-- Alice


If you still want to check out the event but you did not win the raffle, there is a 50 pesos entrance fee.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank you!!!!!

I cannot believe it! I have reached 80 subbies! 

I know its nothing much to celebrate but its better than nothing right? 

I was thinking if I should do a 100 followers giveaway once I reach the 100 mark ^^. 

That's only 20 people more! :))

What do you think? 

But instead of the mechanics I used before, I would be making it a little harder..haha! but don't worry it won't be THAT hard ok? :) 

This would actually test your knowledge about how good you know me. 

Its going to be really fun! 

So to future subbies please keep on coming! 

The next giveaway I'm planning is an international one so my international readers/friends would also be able to join! ^_^

Tell me what you think and I'll talk to you soon ok? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Dollface Cosmetics Make up Seminar Experience + Haul + EH sale update

Guess where I too this picture and I'll give you girls a special prize ^0^


Sorry I have not been updating this page again. Due to busy schedule and Pedring I wasn't able to post lately but any who I am back! haha! 

In case you girls missed out on my tweets last week I was invited to the Dollface Seminar held in Purebeauty in Serendra. It has been a while since I visited Serendra. I previously worked in a call center just adjacent of Serenedra. 

When I saw the message on Facebook regarding the invite I was like 


its close to that, but you get the picture. 

Then that day, I woke up super early because I know even if its Saturday here in Manila the public transportation will still bitch me out. Yeah I said it, transportation here in the Philippines is a bitch if you don't get the flow of it haha! I'll do another post about this on my Travel Blog

So I left the house at exactly 8:45am but you know what time I got to Serendra? 10:05am!! I actually hate being late because I was always given the name "the late Alice" when I was in college. I don't want to be labelled that anymore noh! haha! but no biggie since they were just starting that time.

I learned a lot from Noe, Teena, and Janah. In terms of skin care regimens and of course make up application. I also asked some questions regarding make up of course ^_^

And of course the highlight of the event was the shopping of course LOL! inclusive to the event you get like a 500 php credit to spend on products PureBeauty merchandize.

Added to this haul is also some items I got from Sophie Paris and my sister ok?

Here are the products! ^_^

 1. Angry Birds Tumbler!

I got this not from the store of course but from my sister. I stayed over her house last weekend because it was my niece and nephew's birthday! ^_^ I shouldn't be saying this but I got drunk there. I didn't got wasted that's for sure! :)

2. Bella Purity Cotton Pads.

This I got from the PureBeauty store. This is a lifesaver for my make up remover. There is not a product put to waste if you use this. I got 2 packs for back up.

3. Sophie Paris J'adore Lipsticks in Peach Mango and Summer Pink.

You girls already know how addicted I am to this lipsticks. And I have actually completed the 10 shades which is really exciting! ^_^ I'll be doing a complete post about this lipsticks very soon! :)

4.  Wet Ones.

I got these for the reason that the ones that are in my bag are useless. Yes they are useless! They are so dry you can say they are tissues rather than wet wipes! Sorry for the mini rant there but I do need it for emergencies.

5. Koshize Eye liner and Eye Brow kit

I solely bought this for the eye brow haha! I've tried this before and the color is really close to my brow color. I will try the eyeliner though so it won't be a waste.

6. Cosmetic Scraper.

I'm not sure if I used the correct term, please do tell me on the comment box if I said the right term ok? :) I bought this for my make up gigs for hygienic purposes.

7. L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo.

I've been hearing a lot of good comments for this product and since I have split ends I think this can help me at least lessen it. I'll let you girls know if this works for me.

8. St. Ive's Facial Scrub

I still have the Queen Helene scrub but I just wanted to have a back up since its not just me who uses the scrub anymore. I've noticed that the packaging that St. Ive's has become more thin or its just my imagination? haha!

Most of the items I got from PureBeauty are really weird since I can get them at Watson's if you ask me, but I was already there so I took the chance. There were also Nyx products there which I was actually opting to buy, but they don't have the shades of lipsticks that I was looking for :(

After the event, I went to Market Market to stroll around and look what I saw! haha!

An update though about their sale. The Etude House Hair Bubble is not part of the sale :(
According to the lady there in EH (which is uberly nice by the way) most items they have on sale are some of their skin care line like the cleansing oils and also facial mask. Some of their make up are also on sale.

Its a really really sad day for me today :( I won't be able to buy the hair bubble for now. I just hope Etude House would have it on sale next time :)

That's it for today! I do hope I didn't bore you that much. Also I have more pictures of the event that will be uploaded on my Facebook page soon! :D

Here's the haul video ^_^

Much Love!

-- Alice

Contest Alert!: Love Skin Best's My Hundred Followers Birthday Giveaway


Would you like to win some cool items from Myrted of Love Skin Best? 

Click the link to know more! 

I would just like to greet you 

Congratulation on reaching 100 subbies and Happy Birthday! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Contest Alert: A blissful mind's first giveaway!

Ola ladies! 

If you want to win awesome prizes from an awesome lady 

please do go here to check out more the link below for more information

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Kpop Fridays: After School Red's In the night sky

credits to

Ola Ladies! 

Friday has arrived again! Any plans for this weekend? 

I hope you girls have fun this weekend! 

Okay if you follow me on twitter (!/ytphotoescape) I have posted several times my hashtags to what I am currently listening to, I've actually mentioned this song several times and also listened to it. 

credits to

Its a song from After School Red called "In the night sky" 

The song is basically about a girl telling a guy to stop bothering her. I really love this MV of this song too because it has a....rustic feel to it. Concept for this the MV is actually a mix of American-Indian and Western look. I especially love that their concept is really good because its sexy but not too much. They did become a bit mature with this look but they still look cute because of the dance steps :)

I also love the dance steps because its very easy to follow. I am not a good dancer and I know that for a fact! :))

credits to

Here's their MV! :) 

Which Korean song have you been liking so far?

Let me know on the comment box, I'd love to see your answers.

Till then and have a great weekend!

Much Love!

-- Alice

Note: The pictures that are shown in this blog post is not owned by the writer. Credits to the owners of the pictures.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Slimmer for the Better + Updates

From my confession post :)

I have been overweight ever since I stepped into high school. It must be because of the hormones and genes that I have. I have experienced to be slim and I like it, but its very hard to maintain it because you really have to restrain yourself from what your taste buds really like. 

This was me 2 years ago

I admit I’ve let myself go to eat anything I want to. I kind of feel bad about it because the consequence is tough. I had to face a lot of criticism and also the teasing that comes with it. Now I am back on track to be a healthier person.

I still eat the food that I love, but I take it in moderation. I also have a rule about eating junk food, if I drank a glass of soda now that will be the only soda intake I will have for the week. I drink more water now since its better. 

This is me last May

Besides from choosing healthier eating habits, I also try to be more active in moving. I would actually take the longer route on my way home so I can walk more. I also play with my dogs more since they also need the exercise.  I’m actually planning on buying one of my dogs a leash so I can take her outside.

I also laugh more since they say laughter lessens your stress which can also slim you down. Weird but true.
The reason why I want to slim down is for health reasons. My dad had diabetes which also puts us in danger of having one too if me and my brothers keep up on our old habits. 

I’ve actually stopped doing yoga because whenever I do my yoga sessions at home my niece and my nephew would just disturb my inner peace.  I’ve become a weight lifter because of them. Those two really like me to carry them around the house.

I haven’t weighed myself to know how much I’ve lost but we’ll get to that next week haha!

 Another Update! 
I have actually started saving up for my birthday gift so I think you girls won’t be seeing any hauls at the moment. I just hope I’ll be able to save up for at least a good quality digital camera. 

The long shot wish I can buy with my money is a Mac Air. Mac Air is cheaper and lighter than Mac Pro so I’ll settle with that.  

I think the last haul I will be doing is the Etude house Haul and also some bazaars I will be attending in October or November.  In terms of the requests, please do forgive me if I haven’t done your requests, I have been really busy with work and also personal matters so I wasn’t able to do them immediately. I will try to post them up within this October and November that’s for sure

If you do have questions you can comment below or drop me a message at my twitter account (!/ytphotoescape) and I’ll talk to you soon.

Much Love!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 links challenge

Hey Ladies! 

How have you been? 

Here's another tag post and I was tagged by Glenn of Gencified to do this tag post. By the way I will do another tag post soon from Kikay Trekkie so watch out for that. 
So basically the rules of this are simple, you just have to answer the 7 statements that were given to you with a link from your page that is relative to it. 

Let's start! 

1. Your most beautiful post?

I actually chose this because you can see in the pictures that I am wearing totally no make up. You can see all the flaws in my face yet I am not afraid to say this is what I really look like without all the make up. 

2.  Your most popular post? 

I don't know why this was the most popular honestly. I guess people were curious to see what crazy thing I am going to do next haha!

3. Your most controversial post?

I actually wrote this post regarding how female idol groups in Korea are being labeled into one category: the cute, innocent type. I know there are still those kinds in the world, but lets be real here, not all innocent-looking girls are REALLY innocent. And I think maybe this became popular because its a reality people have to face. 

4. Your most helpful post? 

I actually picked this because this was requested by Rain, she is actually one of my avid viewers in youtube and also one of my readers here in my blog. And even if I haven't been pregnant, I have friends who find it hard to find a product that will still make them look pretty but also not harm their precious bundle of joy inside of them. 

5. A post whose success surprised you

I was actually not expecting this to get a lot of hits, but after I have shared it with my friends in Facebook, the hits just kept on coming. I actually reached 150 hits within just 30 minutes after I posted this article. 

6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved 

I would really like people to know me more with this. And I actually felt bad because it seems no one read this post.

7. The post that you are most proud of

Answer: Why do I blog?

A lot of times people ask me why do I blog in the first place even if I don't get paid for it. I actually blog because I like to do it. Blogging is something I have acquired because of my sensible, yet sometimes weird brain. I also like to share my experienced and thoughts to others that is why I chose to do this.

Now on the next step of the tag is to mention at least 5 bloggers for this.

But instead of that I will be tagging all of you who have read this to do it too! and please forward me the link of your post ayt?

Thank you so much Glenn for the tag! I really had fun!

Much Love!

-- Alice

"Fall" has arrived in Manila!!!!

Technically speaking, Philippines only has 2 seasons - Rainy and Sunny.

but that doesn't mean we don't have a gray area right?
It has been pretty windy lately and chilly. There were some rain showers, but not really a storm. 

One of my gay friends told me that Fall or autumn has arrived and I laughed at the thought. I have lived for a 22 years and never did I experienced Autumn and Winter in this country. 

So why did I say on the title that Fall has arrived? well for one, the atmosphere in my daily routine has changed. Usually it is bright and warm, but nowadays it has been a bit gloomy.

And since the BER months have started, almost every one is now beginning to refresh their playlists with some Christmas tunes. I know my mom has! She has been playing the same set of Christmas carols tapes over and over again for the past 2 weeks! It can be annoying at times but you'll get used to it.

Also fall fashion has been coming out lately. 
I've noticed girls wearing longer sleeves or scarves around their necks. From the usual popping pink colored lips, most of the girls I know have been sporting a berry red hue on their lips. 

This is just an observation on what I see nowadays. It may differ to yours or it may be the same. :-)

Fall may not be physically seen in the Philippines, but the people have gotten accustomed with it.   

Question of the day:

Is it okay for you that people act that its autumn in the Philippines but really its not?

I'll be waiting for your answers! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Monday, September 19, 2011

A great way to start the week! :)

Message of dollface cosmetics in my facebook account

Happy Monday Ladies! 

How was your weekend? 

I had fun on my weekend! I got to celebrate my mom's birthday and also get to spend time with my family! :)

The surprise of the week actually just came earlier when I opened my Facebook account.


I was also picked by Janah of Maricarljanah in youtube. But since I was already picked by Dollface cosmetics, she went and picked another winner thru 

OMG you can't believe how shocked I was when I got the message. I did not even thought I'd get picked in the first place! 

But I would just like to say 


Di naman halatang ang saya ko teh? LOL

To all those that will attend the event 

See yah there! 

Can't wait to meet Noe (of Colorsismyweapon), Janah (of Maricarljanah), and Teena (of angkikayko)

Have a great week ahead!! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sale! Pre Holiday Sale of Etude House!

Credits to Etude House

Ola ladies! 

If you follow me on Twitter (and I suggest you do! ^0^ )

I had this conversation with CodenameAYA and some other bloggers regarding a sale of EH.

I actually had this written down on my wall at home but I totally forgot the dates! haha! 

But any who, this sale would be from September 15 - October 15. The sale is up to 30% on selected items! 

I just hope their Hair Bubble is part of it ^_^

By the way if you buy in the department stores it would be 20% off. 

Hurry! Hurry! 

I'll definitely buy some items! :) 

Thank you Etude House! 


Which Etude House product do you like love the most? 

Comment below for your answers and I'll talk to you soon!

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kpop Fridays: Korean Make up Routine

Have you ever wondered how Korean girls' skin 
 look so good that you would think they don't have make up on?

That's where you are wrong sister! They do have make up on! :))

Its all in proper skin care and also make up application! 

I got these information partly from Google and also my Korean students. I also learned that it takes them approximately 20 minutes to apply make up. My first reaction was "Huwaaat!?!" but its really true.

According to one of my students, one thing to achieve that "no make up look" for them is to simply take your time in applying your make up and also have a good base. Here is the usual method that they do in applying make up

Preparation: Primer + make-up base -- This is to correct your skin tone
Foundation (or BB cream)
Conceal imperfection -- concealer (but if you have applied BB Cream I think you can skip this step)
Setting: Set and fix foundation with powder or pact -- By the way pact is a shorter term for compact powder. Apparently most women in Korea loves compacts for touch ups.
 -- This is to enhance our facial assets. Mostly they apply highlight on their cupid's bow, on their brows, their cheeks and the bridge of their nose. 
Eye brow
Eye shadow

That is just their make up routine. If we add their skin care routine, you would be amazed haha! 

Another thing I got from my students is that its really essential for them to have a good skin care routine, that means they have to at least put face masks on twice a week and they like to use products that has whitening benefits. I don't know why they like to use whitening products but it sure looks good on them haha! 

For those that would like to try this kind of technique in their make up, one word of advice though, don't go overboard with the highlighter. 

Have you tried this method? What do you think about it? 

Comment below for your answers 

And have a great weekend everyone! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

P.S. I do not own the pictures shown. Credit to the owners of the pictures.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chuseok Weekend + Crazy Little Thing Called Love + Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luewisedpaiboon

Hello everyone! 
I am back and I'm back with a revenge! Joking :P

How has your week been so far? For me its a little bit great since I had a very very long weekend because of Chuseok! 

If you don't know Chuseok, its a Korean holiday that is commonly celebrates the end of the fall/autumn harvest season. Its like a harvest moon festival. And since I work for a Korean company, I don't have work last Monday and Tuesday! yey! But the sad news is that I am not paid on those days :'( but any who I was able to enjoy it and also got my energy back for work! ^_^

And since I was on vacation for like 4 days, I got to enjoy a movie marathon with a little thank you from Youtube and also my DVD collection.

For some reason I have been hooked by films that are from Thailand. The first movie I got hooked was sick nurses. This film is a horror film which was a score since I'm the only one brave enough to watch it haha! 
The second Thai film that I watched was actually a romantic-comedy film called "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Not only did I love the male character, Mario Maurer, I also loved the simplicity of the plot. There were some gray spots in the film and some weird twists that I still cannot connect, but over all I love the film! 

I have actually watched this film for like 5 times since last Monday!

The film is basically about a girl named Nam (Played by Pimchanok Luewisedpaiboon), a simple nerd looking girl who has a crush on the school's heartthrob Shone (Played by Mario Maurer), she tried everything to get his attention and also to be closer to him. With the help of Nam's friends, she turns from a plain Jane to a beautiful swan and got Shone's attention.

I promise I won't give out spoilers although I already know you girls have already seen it! :))

Besides from that, I also love the songs because although you may not understand the lyrics, the melody would just hit you right in the gut! :))

How is your week so far? Have you been also hooked on a certain movie that even if you watch it several times you still like it?

Tell me all about it on the comment box

and I'll talk to you soon ^_^

Much Love

-- Alice

Monday, September 12, 2011

Splash Mountain Experience + Weekend with the girls! :)

 Ola Ladies! 

This post is actually a week late due to the same reasons (WORK!) haha! 

But nonetheless I still have it up now :) 

I actually have been raving about this trip a week before that weekend because the last time I went to a hotspring resort was back in 2008 so I am in that child-like excitement mode that no one can get me out of. 

And for the first time me and my friend are complete for this trip! Usually its just me, Michelle, and Danica. But now its me, Michelle, Danica AND Marica! Yey! 

 This post is a little photo-heavy so please forgive me :)

We left Manila at around 8:30am-9am. We made a stop-over at a gas station in SLEX where we picked up some KFC for lunch and also dropped by Starbucks for some morning drinks. I got a mocha frappuchino. Marica got mango passion fruit. Danica had Cafe Latte. Michelle got Chocolate frappuchino.  

My Frap

Mango Passion Fruit yumyum!

Cafe Latte

We also went to buy some chips later on our trip. We are just going to stay overnight but we went and picked up some food in case we get hungry ^_^

And guess what when we left it suddenly rained. The weather was so unpredictable that day. One moment its bright and sunny, then it would be gloomy and rainy. 

see? its rainy!!! :))

Our Starbucks Treats would like to say Hi! ^_^ 

Thankfully when we arrived at the resort its not rainy. We arrived at 11:07am then just waited a few minutes to get our reservations. We ate the KFC bucket meal we picked up at our room. Then after that some of my friends took a nap due to exhaustion while me and my other friend just watched Game of Thrones. 

Check out our room! :D

At around 2pm we went down and had a dip in the pool. When we got there no one was in the pool. As in NO ONE. It was funny because we thought the pool would be packed with people since its been drizzling then. 

This is my travel buddy! Will definitely do another post on this. 

We do have pictures when we were in the pool but its not in my camera. I will just have to wait for my friend to upload hers on Facebook. 

We enjoyed the hot springs up until 1am. It was really refreshing. 

We went to sleep at around 2am. Then we woke up at around 9am. Usually when I wake up at that time I feel sluggish and would just say '5 more minutes' But I actually felt revived. I think this is because I was so darn exhausted swimming that it made me really tired haha!

Of course we went downstairs to eat breakfast. The last time I was in Splash Mountain they actually did not have this area. We had to walk to another part of the resort to eat our breakfast. The ambiance is really relaxing. You can also opt to eat outside. Besides the dining area there was this very pretty space just beside it. I think you can hold a wedding ceremony in there because it has that romantic feel into it.  

I turned pink! haha! not really

I actually ordered an American Breakfast which is actually Bread with jam or butter, Bacon, some veggies and egg, for drinks I only had coffee. I was still on a diet so I opted for no rice. I remember the last time we were there I ordered their pancakes which were phenomenal! :) 

Now you see it

Now you don't! Haha!

My friends ordered some Filipino based breakfast like Tocino and Daing. Marica and Danica had some Orange Juice which unfortunately wasn't fresh. 

Marica's Breakfast! :)

Danica's Breakfast
After Breakfast we went and roamed around the resort before we went to the other pools the resort offers. 

Here are some of the pictures

The reception area where we stayed

sorry for this shot. Btw this is the souvenir shop

Our room! :D
We actually left the resort around 1pm. It was so sad to leave a great place. 

On the way back we stopped over again in SLEX for some lunch. We had lunch on Pizza Hut. We picked the 99 peso meals. Sorry I forgot what it was haha! But it was very yummy! :)

I had ceasar salad 

and some chili con carne pasta. Which is not chili in anyway :))

We also had some yummy food before heading back to Manila. I will definitely be back on Splash Mountain.

A quick Review on Splash Mountain. 

Their service is good. All their employees are very nice. The food is good, but I suggest for next time is to serve fresh orange juice. Not all their pools are available to use on off season though :( Especially their slides. I will go back for that! :)) The hotspring are great. 

Over all verdict...a great place to relax by yourself or with someone special or with your friends! 

Will I go back? Yes! Will definitely go back for more! :D

If you would like to know more about their rates and facilities check out their website

Have you visited this resort too? Tell me your latest escapade so far

And I'll talk to you soon! 

Now I leave you with a little conversation I had with Bumblebee and a video I made from our trip!

Much Love! 

-- Alice 
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