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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Selena Gomez "Love you like a love song" inspired look

Happy Saturday! :) 

This is my blog for the Love you like a love song video. 

I've put the pictures of the products in order so you can follow the steps. Also please do check my Youtube Video for more information. 

of course the first step is to apply foundation. The foundation I used for this look is Ever Bilena's Studio Finish Foundation. This foundation actually works really well for this look since this has full coverage. 

Next is concealer. The concealer I'm using which is also from Ever Bilena not just acts as a concealer but also as an eye primer. I'll give you more information about that on another post ok? :) 

Since in Selena's video, the main focus of this look is her eye make up, I figured I will just work with 2 colors in which its only 2 shades of purple.

The base color is the eyeshadow from ombretto. Yes it is now broken because I accidentally dropped it during a gig :( this is actually my favorite shade of purple. :( 

The next color that I used is a darker purple on my jordache palette. 

I also had some purple-ish black eyeliner from the ever bilena cosmetics palette I got. And yes there is a dent on one of the lippies. I'll talk about it on another post though.

I actually forgot to curl my lashes and apply mascara (so sorry)

Then for the cheeks, I mixed two colors of cheek colors. The first was from my careline oil control blush in touch of pink and the plum color blush from the ever bilena cosmetics palette.  

Then lastly for the lips. I used Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey and mixed it again with a lip color from Ever Bilena cosmetics palette. 

Basically that is what I did to achieve this look. 

you can check out the video for a quick step by step 


Much Love! 

-- Alice 


Emily Hurst said... [Reply]

Where did u get the jordache eyeshadow

Alice said... [Reply]

@Emily Hurst My mom actually gave me the jordache palette :)

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