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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Product Review: Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation

Ola! I'm back with a review and it is for the Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation. 

I've been using this product for 6 months. Yes. 6 months 

and I just remembered to make a review about it now haha! sorry signs of aging na ba ito? Noooooooo!!

As far as I can remember there are I think 3 to 4 shades of this product. I got the shade stay light which is their lightest. And one thing I was very impressed is that the shade that I got matches my skin and doesn't give me a white cast or ghostly look! :) 

If you don't know Nichido, it is actually a make up brand here in the Philippines. Its like Ever Bilena but a bit pricey. They also have great products that I will definitely try next time but for now we will focus more on one of their lines which is the True Colors collection. 

When I started using this it was fine since it did not break me out and also gave me a semi matte to dewy finish. One thing I like about this product is the pump. 

Since I have been interested in make up, one of the main things that I consider is the packaging. If the bottle doesn't come with a pump its not a good sign. Product contamination is one cause of breakouts for us. For the nichido foundie it actually comes with a nifty pump that even has a lock so no accidents! :D no icky smell too! :))

Its quite cheap too! I actually got mine as a gift but when I checked from Landmark its around 250 pesos (approx 5.87 USD) it comes in a 30ml (1 fl oz) bottle. And one or two pumps is all you need for your face. 

One thing that is not great about this product is that its a bit hard to blend, it actually takes me at least 5 mins just to blend the foundation in with my sponge. It also doesn't last long with or without primer. The product would mostly last for like 2 hours before I have to touch up. There are also not a lot of colors to choose from. This foundation has a liquidy texture even if I shake it for some time. The last thing I don't like about this product is when I sweat it would easily slide off my face which is a bummer. Also even if I build up the coverage it doesn't give me a lot. 

Lets go to the pros and cons now okay?


Color matched my skin without the white cast
Has a semi matte to dewy finish to my face
Does not break me out
Comes in a cool pump
Cheap and locally available
Does not have and icky smell. 


Kind of hard to blend
Product easily slides off when I sweat
Does not last long
Not many shades to choose from
Very liquidy texture
Not much coverage achieved.

It is a good product but I think its not for me. 

Will I repurchase?
No. It may be a good deal since it has sunscreen but the coverage left me on a total blur. 

Hope you like my review of this product! 

If you do have any questions just comment below and I will see you next time. 

Much Love! 


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